Labour Fightback

Resurgence of the class struggle in Quebec

08928252 f4c3 4418 b2bc e88e683ee849 ORIGINAL2018 in Quebec has so far been marked by an upsurge in the class struggle. Workers are becoming more combative and the bosses more vicious. Week after week, new labour conflicts erupt. Taken individually, these little isolated economic struggles could seem of marginal importance. But taken collectively, the fact that they are taking place at this time is not accidental, but the harbinger of movements of great historic importance. Slowly but surely, the “old mole” of revolution digs its tunnel and causes tremors on the surface in the form of strikes and lockouts. Sooner or later it will reach the surface, shutting up the pessimists and the prophets of the status quo.

CP rail workers go on strike for improved working conditions

CP Operator on trainOn Wednesday, May 30, 3000 CP train operators, organized in the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, reached a tentative deal with management after being on strike for only a day. The night before, the CP train operators walked off the job after overwhelmingly rejecting the latest offer from their employer. The week before, 98.1 percent voted against the final offer, immediately placing the train operators in a strike position. Around 360 signalling workers also rejected the offer by 97.2 percent, but were able to reach an agreement at the final hour.

Labour Fightback launched in Toronto and Montreal!

31739246 1637822566266296 4837059866029719552 nLabour Fightback, a new collective of unionized and non-unionized workers in Canada, was officially launched last week. The following is a public report with videos of the launch meetings which were held in Toronto and Montreal.

Defeat Back-To-Work Legislation Against York University Workers!

Picket at Queens Park The Ontario Liberals have tabled back-to-work legislation to end the strike at York University that has now entered its tenth week. This represents a direct attack on the labour movement and an attempt to break CUPE 3903, a union local that has been at the forefront of struggle in the university sector.

Labour Fightback Manifesto launch: The fight begins on May 1!

31408389 2012354672138896 8327514100259094528 nLabour Fightback is a collective of workers, union and non-union, who have united to fight against the attacks of the bosses and the injustice of the capitalist system. We believe in workers’ democracy, radical solidarity, and a socialist society where workers run production. Our goal is nothing less than to transform the workers’ movement from top to bottom—to mold it into the militant democratic instrument it needs to be if it is to successfully fight for a society free of exploitation and oppression that can provide for all.

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