Labour Fightback

End the lockout of IATSE Local 58! Union busting has to go!

Since July 20, more than 400 stagehands and technical workers belonging to IATSE Local 58 have been locked out by the bosses at Toronto’s Exhibition Place. Appeals from the workers to not cross picket lines has resulted in a projected loss of $1.5 million in profits for the CNE. This has proven to be an effective way of getting the attention of employers to return to the table. Members of the union have made it clear that the employers’ lockout and use of scabs is nothing more than union busting and a move to set a new industry standard for low wages.

OPSEU President ‘Smokey’ Thomas works to demobilize anti-Ford movement

Warren (Smokey) Thomas, president of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union. (Photo Credit: CHRIS ROUSSAKIS/ OTTAWA CITIZEN)On Aug. 1, 2018 the Ontario Public Services Employees Union (OPSEU) President Warren “Smokey” Thomas published a piece on the union’s website entitled “Steadiness, Strength and Discipline: A Winning Combination”. The article acknowledges a wave of “anxiety” among members since the election of a Conservative majority government led by Doug Ford, but instead of encouraging them to prepare for a fight against the Conservatives, Thomas calls on activists to stop any form of action that they are doing and to rethink their approach. 

The CUPE 3903 Days of Action: Defiance and solidarity strikes

CUPEThe ongoing saga of the York University Strike has taken a new turn. Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives have introduced back-to-work legislation in an effort to help York’s administration crush the strike. As the Canadian Civil Liberties Association has explained, this is a flagrant violation of the rights of workers to organize which will also harm the education of York University students.

Toronto labour council passes resolution on defiance of back-to-work legislation promoted by Fightback

20180705 195647The Toronto and York Region Labour Council (TYRLC) has passed a resolution calling on labour organizations and unions to organize mass resistance in the event that “back-to-work” legislation is used against striking workers. Initiated by rank-and-file trade unionists with Labour Fightback and the Workers United Canada Council, the resolution was submitted by members of Workers United Local 154 at the July 5 Labour Council meeting, where it was passed unanimously. The adoption of this resolution by the TYRLC, which represents approximately 205,000 workers in the Greater Toronto Area, sends a strong signal to the Conservative government of Premier Doug Ford that workers will not be bullied out of their democratic rights.

Goderich miners erect blockade as strike drags on

Unifor picket at Goderich On July 4, striking miners and electricians in Goderich, Ont. erected a blockade in front of the salt mine where they work. The approximately 350 Unifor members have been on strike now for almost 10 weeks. The workers hope the blockade will stop the flow of scab labour into the mine, something which the company, Compass Minerals, has become increasingly reliant on as the strike drags on. Union president Gary Lynch made his intentions clear as the blockade went up:

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