Labour Fightback

Ontario grocery workers set to strike over Thanksgiving

Members of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) local 175 have given a 95% strike mandate to the union leaders representing workers for Loblaws, Zehrs and Real Canadian Superstore. After a vicious period of attacks on wages and benefits in collective agreements in the food retail sector in Ontario, workers have had enough. The company has declared war against the union and brought in Allan Leighton, a man described as a “veteran of UK labour wars” by the Globe and Mail. This movement of 27,000 workers potentially ushers in a new era of class struggle and possibly a shift to the left in UFCW's largest local on the continent.

Militant actions wins! A critical look at Ontario politics

Since the betrayal of the Ontario Days of Action in 1996-97, the movement in Ontario has been at one of its lowest levels. This is in contrast to the rest of Canada where most provinces are seeing some of the most militant labour actions since the 1970s. In both British Columbia and Québec, we have seen a burgeoning general strike movement while Newfoundland recently saw the largest strike in the province’s history.

The Race to the Right: The CAW/NDP split

On 16 August, at the constitutional convention of the Canadian Auto Workers Union, delegates voted to officially sever ties with the New Democratic Party and declare “political independence”. The convention’s decision merely formalizes the political line the union leadership adopted in February after the Ontario NDP executive voted to suspend CAW president Buzz Hargrove’s membership. The break between the CAW and the NDP weakens the political position of the working class and must be opposed by all who fight for socialism.

From Co-op to Union Shop: RWU organizes organic food warehouse

For the past year and a half I have worked at Horizon Distributors, the leading distributor of organic and natural foods in Canada. Having its origins as a workers' co-operative, management has typically made it a point to provide good benefits and take a more relaxed attitude towards work. But, things change. Explosive double digit growth rates have meant an ever increasing workload for the same token wages. In response, we have granted ourselves the right to have a voice and a vote on what we work for.

Beware the attack on democracy lurking behind terrorism scare

British airports were in a state of chaos yesterday after it was revealed that a terrorist plot had been foiled. Twenty-four people have been arrested on allegations of planning to blow up ten aircraft over the Atlantic Ocean using liquid explosives carried in soft-drink bottles, and detonators disguised as electronic equipment. The gutter press was keen to pick up on the British police's declaration that the explosions could have caused "mass murder on an unimaginable scale".
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