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Mexican Elections -- Protest Stephen Harper's recognition of Calderon

The situation in Mexico is approaching a critical point. As hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets to protest the results of the recent election, leftist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has now laid formal charges of electoral fraud against the Mexican state. While the bourgeois media, both in Mexico and internationally, tries to denounce the claims of fraud, the evidence against the State continues to pile up.

Workers must send clear message to Canadian state: Hands off Venezuela and Bolivia!

In the past year we have seen the beginning of a mass mobilization of workers and youth against imperialist intervention in Venezuela, and now, Bolivia. In the United States, over 400 people gathered to create the Venezuela Solidarity Network and here in Canada, nearly a dozen labour councils and labour federations, including the Ontario Federation of Labour, have endorsed the Hands Off Venezuela campaign. Much of the mobilization has been with the US in mind, but we must be prepared for the real possibility of Canada playing a lead role in an intervention in Latin America.

Student protests erupt in Chile

On 31 May, high school students took to the streets in Chile to peacefully protest the public education system. 500,000 students marched through the streets of Santiago to demand safer and cleaner schools, free bus fare, an end to university entrance examination fees, and a new curriculum. Students were also upset about a law passed by Augusto Pinochet that put municipalities in charge of education and therefore led to a widening gap between the quality of education of rich and poor areas of Chile.

BC Liberals buy class peace... for now

Stop Press!  As we go to print the BC Teachers’ Federation has just reached a settlement with the government. The deal appears to be a compromise with the teachers receiving a 16% wage increase over five years. Such a lengthy contract may not be the best deal for teachers, but whether or not it is ratified by the membership remains to be seen. The vote is not until September, so BCTF members will have an entire summer to consider it. Despite the recent developments, we think it is appropriate to print the original article as the general perspectives remain the same.

Boycotting Israel and the class struggle

Calls for boycotting Israeli academics and universities that do not disassociate themselves from the oppression of the Palestinian people have been growing in several unions internationally, including CUPE Ontario's decision to boycott Israeli goods. How does this connect with the class struggle in Israel? Yossi Schwartz in Israel comments.
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