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Various Fightback CoversEach and every day, the capitalist press provides Canadians with a steady dose of half-truths, inconsequential fluff pieces, and open lies. We read that austerity is good for workers, refugees are plotting to destroy ‘Western civilization’, and that capitalism, whatever its faults, is the best economic system imaginable. As the Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky once said, “The yellow press lies as a matter of course, without hesitating or looking back. Newspapers like The Times or Le Temps speak the truth on all unimportant and inconsequential occasions, so that they can deceive the public with all the requisite authority when necessary.”

Trudeau prepares anti-strike legislation against postal workers: It’s time to defy!

IMG 9294On Nov. 8, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suggested that he was prepared to “take action” to end the strike at Canada Post which began last month. Speaking to the House of Commons, Trudeau mentioned that “if we don't see significant resolution shortly, all options will be on the table for resolving this." The message here is clear: the federal government is ready to use back-to-work legislation against 50,000 postal workers should they not accede to the demands of management and end their strike.

Victory to the postal workers!

Socialist Fightback Edmonton visiting the CUPW Picket Lines On Monday, Oct. 22, approximately 50,000 postal workers began rotating strike action. After years of the Canada Post management increasing workloads and forced overtime, postal workers have had enough and are fighting back.

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