Middle East

Grim milestone in Iraq quagmire

On Wednesday, 14 June, Corporal Michael Estrella was killed during combat operations in Iraq’s Anbar province, bringing the total number of US troops killed in Iraq to 2,500. Bush’s war has turned into a quagmire.

"The Writing was on the Wall"-- Hamas in power, what next?

Hamas’ ascent to power has been a concluding result of an ongoing process that should be analysed against the background of the events spanning decades, not only in Israel/Palestine but also the whole region and the world. Here Nadim al-Mahjoub, an Arab Marxist, gives his interpretation of the situation. (by Nadim al-Mahjoub)

Hamas wins Palestinian elections

The Israeli Marxists had predicted the victory of Hamas some time ago. They understood how discredited Fatah had become among the Palestinian people and the only credible alternative they could turn to was Hamas. They also explain that Hamas will be sucked into the so-called “peace process” and will end up being exposed. All this will eventually help the Palestinian workers and youth to draw revolutionary Marxist conclusions. (by Alon Lessel and Yossi Schwartz)
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