Middle East

The barbarism of the Israeli ruling class

(Note: This article first appeared on In Defence of Marxism on Thursday.) The situation on the Israel-Lebanon border is escalating with each passing minute. Today Israeli warplanes bombed Beirut airport and southern parts of Lebanon. According to reports about 50 people have been killed so far. This is the biggest air raid on Lebanon by Israeli bombers since 1982!

Pull troops out of Gaza now!

The first demand of the international labour movement, and of the Israeli working class, must be for the immediate withdrawal of the troops that were sent into Gaza overnight. Stop this present incursion now! And from there begin the struggle to transform society and put an end to the class and national divisions which are at the heart of the present conflict.

Crisis over kidnapped Israeli soldier brings Israel-Palestine to the brink of war

On Sunday, fighters from Gaza dug under a border fence, killed two soldiers and abducted Gilad Shalit, a 19-year-old tank gunner. The resistance groups, who for a change conducted a guerrilla action rather than an act of terror against the civilian population in Israel ‑ and many Israelis do understand the difference ‑ said the raid was in response to the killing of 14 Palestinian civilians during Israeli air strikes in Gaza.
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