The evening was started shortly after 7:00pm with a brief introduction by Moe Garahan of HOV and a 7 minute intro to "Venezuela Bolivariana" which was immediately followed by the feature presentation. Though the film did not touch on a lot of the political issues going on it showed a more personal side of the situation, which was well received by the audience.

After the film, Alex Grant of Hands off Venezuela gave a brief history of the situation in Venezuela. Those present joined in a discussion about the events taking place in Venezuela. Discussion focused on the relationship between Venezuela and Cuba, and the meaning of “Socialism of the 21st Century.” Many DVD's and other materials were sold and enough money was raised to pay for the room and contribute to organizing our next event. Contacts were made such as from the Council of Canadians who expressed a desire to work together on some future Venezuelan solidarity events. Representatives from the Venezuelan Embassy were also present.

The launching event of HOV Ottawa was a success and helped to further the Venezuelan solidarity movement in Canada, our next event can only build on this success. Those wishing to get active with HOV Ottawa should contact hovottawa[@]
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