The Venezuelan Revolution and the struggle for socialism -- Part three

Economic growth in Venezuela is stimulating class struggle and the level of organisation and mobilisation of the Venezuelan working class is rising, but it has not yet reached the point where the labour movement has placed itself at the head of all the exploited layers of society. What is lacking is a political leadership of the working class, with a programme and method capable of pushing the revolution to a final and irreversible conclusion.

Venezuela and Iran: Diplomatic relations, trade deals, and revolutionary foreign policy

Chavez is about to visit Iran. We understand the reasons for reaching trade deals with a regime like the Iranian. The US is attempting to isolate Venezuela, but we believe it is one thing to reach such deals and it is another to present the Iranian regime as if it were somehow “revolutionary”. To do such a thing would sow confusion among the Iranian workers, the only ones who have a genuine interest in defending the Bolivarian Revolution.


The Hands Off Venezuela campaign is calling for an emergency picket in front of the Mexican embassy/consulates across Canada to protest the electoral fraud that is taking place in Mexico right now.

Workers must send clear message to Canadian state: Hands off Venezuela and Bolivia!

In the past year we have seen the beginning of a mass mobilization of workers and youth against imperialist intervention in Venezuela, and now, Bolivia. In the United States, over 400 people gathered to create the Venezuela Solidarity Network and here in Canada, nearly a dozen labour councils and labour federations, including the Ontario Federation of Labour, have endorsed the Hands Off Venezuela campaign. Much of the mobilization has been with the US in mind, but we must be prepared for the real possibility of Canada playing a lead role in an intervention in Latin America.

The Venezuelan Revolution and the struggle for socialism -- Part two

The current high price of oil allows the Bolivarian government to respond to the demands of the masses, redistributing the national wealth and providing money for the missions and other social projects, public works, etc. While recognising this, we have to understand that under capitalism none of these measures can permanently resolve any problem and are shoring up new contradictions.

The Venezuelan Revolution and the struggle for socialism -- Part one

The correlation of forces continues to be enormously favourable to the Venezuelan revolution, but it is necessary to take advantage of this in order to finish the job and take the revolution to the end. As long as the revolution does not break totally and absolutely with the private ownership of the means of production it will be in danger and will not be irreversible.

Eye-witness account of right-wing riots in Venezuela

Hands Off Venezuela received an interesting letter on the recent violence in the city of Merida, which gives a good insight in the right wing terrorism that is increasing in Venezuela. We publish it here together with a public statement (in English and Spanish) by the student movement.

Venezuela: For a united and revolutionary UNT prepared to struggle for socialism

The recent congress of the UNT in Venezuela broke up into two hostile camps. If this is allowed to develop into a fully-fledged split it would represent a major blow to the Venezuelan working class. This must not be allowed to happen. Things are changing with every passing minute and hopefully the damage may be undone. In the meantime we are publishing this declaration of the Marxist Revolutionary Current.
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