Victory Against Canadian Media Bias Against Venezuela

We are happy to forward this letter from Maria Paez Victor about an important victory against the media's bias against Venezuela. Now we have it on record that the main corporate press is happy to publish unbalanced articles on Venezuela. We doubt this will stop them from doing the same thing in the future, but we will never let them forget that they have been found guilty of bias.

Chavez calls on the working class to put itself at the forefront of the revolution

President Chavez has called for the full support of the working class and the trade unions, and has called upon them to “play their rightful role in the revolution”. The workers’ movement in Venezuela must take advantage of this opportunity and drive the revolution to the end.

"Hands Off Venezuela" at the NDP convention

Hands off Venezuela had a strong presence at the NDP convention. There were two events, resolutions passed at the youth convention, and much interest in our HOV info table.

Venezuela: Expropriations, reformism, and elections -- the contradictions are accumulating

Recent events in Venezuela prove that the revolution is far from over. Venezuelan society is extremely unstable, and all kinds of tensions between the classes manifest themselves in peculiar ways. Inside the Bolivarian movement, different tendencies are beginning to crystallize, revealing that not everyone is fighting for the same aims and ideas.

Venezuela: The debate on expropriations and the upcoming elections

The expropriation of two golf courses in Venezuela was met with enthusiasm by wide layers of the Bolivarian movement and a hysterical campaign on the part of the bourgeois. In order for the revolution to move forward these expropriations must continue and must be extended.

Venezuelan Presidential Elections: Vote for Chavez, carry out the revolution to the end

The December presidential elections are an important turning point in the development of the Venezuelan Revolution. They reflect the struggle between the Venezuelan workers and peasants and the oligarchy and imperialism. Our attitude towards these elections is therefore a key question.

Hugo Chavez thanks "Hands Off Venezuela" campaign

The international Hands Off Venezuela campaign is publishing a short video of Venezuela's President, Hugo Chavez, thanking the international solidarity campaign "Hands Off Venezuela" and its founder Alan Woods. Chavez thanks HOV for organising a mass rally for him in Vienna the night before.
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