Venezuela: Five iron and steel plants, and the Carabobo Ceramics, nationalized

At a recent gathering in the State of Guayana President Chavez announced a series of new nationalisations, but he also stressed the need for workers' control, planning and socialism. What now needs to be done is to act on these words and the only force that can do that is the working class. Otherwise all the good proposals can be buried by the myriad of reformists and bureaucrats who infest the movement.

Historic meeting as Toronto HOV merges with Bolivarian Circle “Louis Riel”

60 people gathered in Toronto on 18th April 2009 to celebrate the merger of the Hands Off Venezuela campaign and the Bolivarian Circle “Louis Riel” (CBLR). The event hosted a discussion about the current economic crisis and how the Venezuelan Revolution is providing an alternative.

Venezuela: Big Victory for the Revolution, Time to Build Socialism in Practice!

The result of Sunday's referendum on the constitutional amendment was a huge victory for the forces of the Venezuelan revolution, and at the same time a severe blow against the counter-revolutionary right-wing opposition. Now more than ever, the question is the following: either the revolution moves forward to destroy the economic power of the bourgeoisie and imperialism or it will go under in the most terrible defeat.

[From HoV] - Cross-Canada Demonstration in Support of Venezuelan Referendum

Supporters of the Venezuelan revolution gathered in front of the Venezuelan consulate in Montreal on Sunday 15th of February at 11:00 am, in a demonstration called by Hands Off Venezuela/Société Bolivarienne du Québec . This was a cross-Canada event, as activists from Hands Off Venezuela Toronto, and the Mohawk community also traveled to increase the spirit of solidarity. All were united in solidarity with the revolution and the yes vote in the referendum abolishing term limits.

URGENT: Two workers killed in Venezuela, while defending the occupied Mitsubitshi factory

In the afternoon of Wednesday, January 29 (Venezuelan time), two workers were killed by police in the state of Anzoategui, Venezuela. The workers killed are Pedro Suarez from the Mitsubishi factory and José Marcano from nearby auto parts factory Macusa. They were killed when regional police of Anzoategui was attempting evict hundreds of workers who had been occupying the Mitsubitshi (MMC) factory.

Venezuela: three trade union leaders killed, wave of counter-revolutionary threats and intimidation

On Thursday, November 25, in the evening, three trade union leaders were assassinated in Aragua, Venezuela. Fightback condemns these brutal killings of workers' leaders whose only crime was to stand firm in the defence of workers' interests against the intimidation and terrorism of the capitalist class. We call on the international workers' movement to mobilise against these killings and demand that those responsible be identified and brought to justice.

Celia Hart et Jorge Martin pris la parole à une conférence serré à Montréal

Le 28 Mai, près de 200 personnes ont assisté à une conférence sur Cuba et le Venezuela, intitulé "Cuba après Fidel; Le Venezuela: l'heure des décisions." La campagne Pas touche au Venezuela et la Société bolivarienne du Québec ont organisé l'événement, en collaboration avec la Tendance marxiste internationale et la Gauche socialiste.

Celia Hart and Jorge Martin speak to a packed meeting in Montreal

On May 28th, close to 200 people attended a very successful conference on Cuba and Venezuela, entitled "Cuba after Fidel, Venezuela at the Crossroads." Hands off Venezuela Montreal and the Bolivarian Society of Quebec, in collaboration with the International Marxist Tendency and Gauche Socialiste, organized the event.
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