URGENT: Two workers killed in Venezuela, while defending the occupied Mitsubitshi factory

In the afternoon of Wednesday, January 29 (Venezuelan time), two workers were killed by police in the state of Anzoategui, Venezuela. The workers killed are Pedro Suarez from the Mitsubishi factory and José Marcano from nearby auto parts factory Macusa. They were killed when regional police of Anzoategui was attempting evict hundreds of workers who had been occupying the Mitsubitshi (MMC) factory.

Venezuela: three trade union leaders killed, wave of counter-revolutionary threats and intimidation

On Thursday, November 25, in the evening, three trade union leaders were assassinated in Aragua, Venezuela. Fightback condemns these brutal killings of workers' leaders whose only crime was to stand firm in the defence of workers' interests against the intimidation and terrorism of the capitalist class. We call on the international workers' movement to mobilise against these killings and demand that those responsible be identified and brought to justice.

Celia Hart et Jorge Martin pris la parole à une conférence serré à Montréal

Le 28 Mai, près de 200 personnes ont assisté à une conférence sur Cuba et le Venezuela, intitulé "Cuba après Fidel; Le Venezuela: l'heure des décisions." La campagne Pas touche au Venezuela et la Société bolivarienne du Québec ont organisé l'événement, en collaboration avec la Tendance marxiste internationale et la Gauche socialiste.

Celia Hart and Jorge Martin speak to a packed meeting in Montreal

On May 28th, close to 200 people attended a very successful conference on Cuba and Venezuela, entitled "Cuba after Fidel, Venezuela at the Crossroads." Hands off Venezuela Montreal and the Bolivarian Society of Quebec, in collaboration with the International Marxist Tendency and Gauche Socialiste, organized the event.

[From HoV] - Report from the Hands Off Venezuela Jorge Martin West Coast Tour - Part 1

Between May 6th and May 10th Hands Off Venezuela held events in Portland Oregon, Olympia Washington and Victoria BC, before finishing up with the Western Canada HOV conference in Vancouver. It was a very successful tour which defended the Venezuelan revolution as well as laying the base for the formation of a number of HOV groups around the Pacific Northwest.

Vancouver and District Labour Council endorses "Hands Off Venezuela" campaign

After a brief discussion, the Vancouver and District Labour Council (VDLC) voted unanimously to endorse the Hands Off Venezuela campaign.  The Vancouver and District Labour Council has historically been behind every progressive movement in the city. Their support for the Bolivarian Revolution and the government of Hugo Chavez will go a long way to help educate workers about events unfolding in Venezuela.

Chavez re-nationalises SIDOR – historic victory for the workers

After the cement industry, now Chavez has nationalised SIDOR with its 15,000 workforce. This has come about thanks to the pressure of the SIDOR workers who were able to contact Chavez directly. The decision is a correct one. It must now be followed by a general nationalisation of the commanding heights of the Venezuelan economy and finally complete the revolution.

On the assassination of Raúl Reyes and the Colombian government’s aggression

The assassination of Raúl Reyes and 18 other FARC guerrillas exposes the real intentions of the Colombian state and the US government. With this massacre, the Uribe government and American imperialism aim to derail the negotiations over the release of hostages and thus deny any peace in Colombia, and at the same time for more acts of aggression against the unfolding revolution in Venezuela and Ecuador.

Colombia Assassinates FARC Leader, Violating Ecuador's Sovereignty

In an early morning attack on March 1, 2008 Colombian military forces made an incursion into Ecuadorian territory and murdered several FARC-EP guerrillas, including spokesperson Raúl Reyes. The goal of this operation was to undermine the progress that had been made with Colombia’s government and the FARC-EP as a result of Chávez’s mediation efforts.
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