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HOV/CBLR and HOV/SBQ defend Venezuelan human rights in front of Parliamentary committee

On Tuesday 4th May, representatives from HOV/SBQ in Montreal and HOV/CBLR in Toronto travelled to Parliament Hill in Ottawa to present on the human rights situation in Venezuela. A parliamentary committee is set to report on Venezuelan human rights in September, at the same time as the crucial parliamentary elections in Venezuela.  These hearings come at the same time as the Conservatives and Liberals have shut down debate on the human rights situation in Colombia.

Venezuela: The masses are armed and ready to defend their revolution

The 19th of April marked the 200th anniversary of Venezuela’s independence from Spain. The mass celebrations confirmed what was seen on the earlier April 13 rallies: the masses are prepared to defend the gains made so far by the Venezuelan revolution and this affects the ranks of the army who clearly sympathise with the working people.

Venezuela: A visit to the INAF worker-occupied factory

A delegation of comrades of the IMT from several countries is visiting Venezuela, attending the congress of the Venezuelan Marxists and bringing support for the formation of the Fifth International. On their first day they were taken on a tour of the INAF factory, which has been occupied by the workers and is under their management.

Venezuela: Confidence and enthusiasm mark the launch of Lucha de Clases

With representatives from 7 different regions, the Venezuelan comrades held their re-founding Congress of the Venezuelan section of the IMT in Caracas, taking the opportunity to launch their new paper, “Lucha de Clases” (Class Struggle). Also present were workers from three occupied factories (INAF, Gotcha and INVEVAL). The comrades have had to deal with very difficult internal conditions over the past year but the mood was one of great enthusiasm and optimism, and they are committed to playing an important role within the PSUV and the Venezuelan revolution. 

The Venezuelan counter-revolution throws down a new challenge

In the build up to the September elections, the right-wing opposition is preparing on several fronts. Economic sabotage is one of them, as are the manoeuvres on the part of right-wing elements within the Bolivarian movement itself. Meanwhile, all this is having a radicalising effect on the left.

Canada accuses Venezuela of stifling democracy while Parliament remains prorogued

The Canadian minister responsible for the Americas recently made a short stop in Venezuela. While there, Peter Kent took the opportunity to express the Canadian government’s concerns over the “shrinking democratic space” in Venezuela. Kent’s concerns could be laughable if it were not for the real threat that countries like the US and Canada pose to Venezuela.  Many will remember that it was Peter Kent who most vocally supported the coup d'etat in Honduras this summer.  As well, it is Kent's Conservative government that has just suspended Parliament for the third time in as many years.

Celebrating One Year Since the Merger of Hands Off Venezuela and the Société Bolivarienne du Québec

On Sunday, 13th September, Hands off Venezuela/Société Bolivarienne du Québec celebrated their one-year anniversary. Before their merger last September, HOV and SBQ were both doing similar work within the Latin America solidarity movement. After working together on numerous occasions, a general assembly of both organizations decided that a merger would allow for more coordinated work, and therefore more success in the general goal of supporting the revolutionary struggles of Latin American peoples.

"The Other Chávez" visits Toronto

Last week Hands Off Venezuela and the Louis Riel Bolivarian Circle were able to bring to Toronto one of the most creative leaders of the Venezuelan Bolivarian Revolution, Julio Chávez. He is not related to President Hugo Chávez, but is often referred to in his country as “the other Chávez”. He came to give Canadians a very clear message -- that the people of Venezuela have assumed control of their natural resources, their government, and their destiny by taking it -- through clean and transparent elections -- from wealthy elites, clients of global capital, who had marginalized the great majority of Venezuelan for the past 40 years.

The Venezuelan Revolution at the Forum Social Québécois

In the early morning of Sunday, 11th October, around 20 people attended a workshop presented by the Société Bolivarienne du Québec/Hands Off Venezuela. “The Bolivarian Revolution: The truth and the myth” was one of many workshops which were presented by many social organizations during the five days of the Forum Social Québécois in Montreal from the 8th to the 12th of October.

Canadian premiere of "FRETECO: Occupied Factories and Workers' Control in Venezuela"

On 29th September in Toronto, Hands Off Venezuela and the Bolivarian Circle “Louis Riel” organized a film screening of the recent documentary produced by Vive TV about FRETECO. This latest documentary explores the revolutionary movement of occupied factories and workers’ control in Venezuela. At the core of the film, workers young and old, male and female, explain how they came to the realization that demanding nationalization under workers’ control is the only way forward for the Bolivarian Revolution.