Fidel Castro's illness: Time to wake up to the real danger

Fidel Castro’s illness has posed what will come once he departs this world. The capitalist are looking at different ways of restoring capitalism. Within the state and party in Cuba there are clearly pro-capitalist elements. It is the duty of the workers and youth of the world to defend the Cuban revolution.

A Balance Sheet of the Elections in Peru and Colombia

The results of the presidential elections in Peru and Colombia were celebrated by the Latin American bourgeoisie and United States and European imperialism as a victory against the “Chavista” expansion on the continent. With unreserved joy the main bourgeois newspapers in Latin America drew attention to the fact that Colombia and Peru had been transformed into a “cordon sanitaire” that would prevent the Venezuelan revolution having any impact beyond its own national borders. Nevertheless, any serious analysis of these results will show that far from staving off the threat of revolution, they have simply brought forward the processes that are on the horizon.

2006: The Year of Latin American Revolutions -- Important lessons for Canadian workers

As we enter the new year, huge events are unfolding in Latin America. In Venezuela, despite the opposition boycott and other slanderous efforts to invalidate the December 4th elections, a clear Bolivarian victory is indisputable. In Bolivia, the workers and peasants are celebrating the victory of Evo Morales in their December 20th presidential elections. The Venezuelan and Bolivian masses will learn by experience that electoral victory is not enough. It is the responsibility of serious revolutionaries to ensure that this does not result in demoralization, which would surely open the road to counterrevolution. Instead, we must consistently explain that the solution to the problems facing working people and the poor lies outside capitalism, and in the present Latin American political climate, it is within easy reach. (by Fightback editorial board)

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