Defeat the reactionary coup in Honduras: Mass mobilisations in the street and general strike!

The coup in Honduras highlights once again that even mild reforms within the capitalist system cannot be tolerated by the local oligarchies in Latin America and their imperialist masters. But Venezuela teaches that if the masses mobilise reaction can be stopped. Now is the time to mobilise the full force of the Honduran workers and poor.

Manifesto of the Marxist Tendency Militante against repression in El Salvador

Unable to employ the tried and tested method of direct and open repression, the ruling class of El Salvador has engaged in a series of measures to criminalize the struggles of the workers and youth, which can now be classified as “acts of terrorism”.

Brazil: Federal Police invade occupied factory CIPLA

The workers of the occupied factory CIPLA were surprised this morning by 150 men, heavily armed, from the Federal Police, who invaded the factory in order to arrest the members of the factory committee.

Fidel Castro's illness: Time to wake up to the real danger

Fidel Castro’s illness has posed what will come once he departs this world. The capitalist are looking at different ways of restoring capitalism. Within the state and party in Cuba there are clearly pro-capitalist elements. It is the duty of the workers and youth of the world to defend the Cuban revolution.
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