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Mexico: Mobilise the masses and call a general strike to stop the electoral fraud

It is clear to everyone that Lopez Obrador of the PRD won the elections in Mexico on Sunday, but the official results are being withheld and every attempt is being made to deny what has happened. The only way of making sure that the right wing accepts the victory of the PRD is by mobilising the workers and youth who massively voted for Lopez Obrador. This is an editorial from Fightback's sister paper in Mexico, El Militante.

Mexican government attacks miners -- and workers continue to strike!

The Mexican government of Vicente Fox has been mercilessly attacking Mexican miners in struggle for better terms and conditions. In the minds of all is the tragic accident that occurred in February this year when 65 miners were killed in an explosion in the Pasta de Conchos mine. The bodies have still not been recovered. Such “accidents” are not uncommon in Mexican mines.