Bolivia: Two-thirds of the votes, now forward towards socialism!

Although final official results are not yet available from last Sunday's presidential election in Bolivia, it appears that President Evo Morales and the MAS have been re-elected with two-thirds of the votes, an even larger landslide than his first election in 2005.  This vote is a reflection of the massive desire for change amongst the Bolivian masses.  We publish here the statement of our comrades of El Militante Bolivia.

Bolivia: as the reactionary coup unfolds, action is needed!

The situation in Bolivia remains one of confrontation between the oligarchy, backed by U.S. imperialism on the one side, and the masses who support the Evo Morales government on the other. This is no time for words or negotiations. This is the time for action, to put an end once and for all to the power of the oligarchy.

Bolivian government takes back control of hydrocarbons

The decision of the Bolivian government on May 1st to take over the gas resources of the country, and its high profile implementation by sending troops to occupy the fields and installations has shaken the multinational companies. Speaking at a May Day rally at Plaza Murillo, vice president Garcia Linera, announced the nationalisation with the following words: “the government of the people, the government of the workers, has taken the most important decision of this century: this is the first nationalisation of the 21st century”.

Revolution in Bolivia: All Power to the Popular Assemblies!

he Bolivian revolution is an inspiration to the workers and youth of the whole world. In the last few days it has reached a decisive stage. The masses have risen. Power has passed to the streets. However, the time for making revolutionary speeches is over. It is necessary to pass from words to deeds. (June, 2005)

Bolivian Elections -- What position should Marxists take?

Bolivians elected Evo Morales as their president this past Sunday. In the past period the masses could have taken power but at the crucial moment the workers’ leaders talked about taking power but never did. This has thrown the ball back into the court of the ruling class. The masses will be concentrating their attention on the elections. Their only option is Evo Morales and his party, the MAS, the same man who used his position to derail the movement in the past. What should the attitude of the Marxists be? (by Jorge Martín)
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