The current counter-revolutionary offensive in Venezuela – what it means and how to defeat it

The non-renewal of the broadcasting licence to private TV station RCTV in Venezuela has been used by the oligarchy and imperialism to unleash the coup-plotting campaign they were unable to launch at the time of the December 3rd elections. Despite all the hue and cry over “freedom of expression” the real aim of the oligarchy in Venezuela is to create a situation of chaos, violence and confusion.

Brazil: Federal Police invade occupied factory CIPLA

The workers of the occupied factory CIPLA were surprised this morning by 150 men, heavily armed, from the Federal Police, who invaded the factory in order to arrest the members of the factory committee.

Venezuelan nationalizations -- What do they mean for socialists?

Chavez has announced sweeping measures of nationalisation. This represents a big step forward for the Venezuelan revolution and would be a serious blow against capitalism and imperialism. Big enemies are lining up to stop this process, the most dangerous being inside the Bolivarian movement itself. It is now time to go all the way and put an end to capitalism in Venezuela and spread the revolution to the rest of Latin America.

Victory Against Canadian Media Bias Against Venezuela

We are happy to forward this letter from Maria Paez Victor about an important victory against the media's bias against Venezuela. Now we have it on record that the main corporate press is happy to publish unbalanced articles on Venezuela. We doubt this will stop them from doing the same thing in the future, but we will never let them forget that they have been found guilty of bias.

Chavez calls on the working class to put itself at the forefront of the revolution

President Chavez has called for the full support of the working class and the trade unions, and has called upon them to “play their rightful role in the revolution”. The workers’ movement in Venezuela must take advantage of this opportunity and drive the revolution to the end.

"Hands Off Venezuela" at the NDP convention

Hands off Venezuela had a strong presence at the NDP convention. There were two events, resolutions passed at the youth convention, and much interest in our HOV info table.
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