Honduras: Seven weeks of unabated resistance despite brutal repression of the coup regime

Seven weeks after the coup against Honduran president Mel Zelaya, the national resistance continues to mobilise tens of thousands of workers, youth and peasants in a movement that repression has not been able to smash. Meanwhile diplomatic manoeuvres of all kinds are continuing in attempt to find a “negotiated solution” which saves the coup from being overthrown by a popular insurrection.

Hands Off Venezuela delegation meets with Montreal consulate

Last month, a delegation from Hands Off Venezuela/Bolivarian Society of Quebec had a meeting with Elio Vitriago, the Venezuelan consul-general in Montreal. The delegation, consisting of a few young Canadian HOV/SBQ activists and Jorge Martín, International Secretary of HOV, was warmly welcomed by the entire staff of the Venezuelan consulate, and by Mr. Vitriago himself.

Defeat the reactionary coup in Honduras: Mass mobilisations in the street and general strike!

The coup in Honduras highlights once again that even mild reforms within the capitalist system cannot be tolerated by the local oligarchies in Latin America and their imperialist masters. But Venezuela teaches that if the masses mobilise reaction can be stopped. Now is the time to mobilise the full force of the Honduran workers and poor.

De Caracas à Montréal: Un autre monde est possible

Le jeudi 4 juin dernier, à la salle DSR-510, de l'Université du Québec à Montréal, s'est tenue la conférence De Caracas à Montréal, un autre monde est possible, organisée par la Société Bolivarienne du Québec/Hands off Venezuela. Un peu plus d'une centaine de personnes s'y sont rendues pour écouter et débattre avec les conférenciers Jorge Martin, secrétaire international de la campagne Hands Off Venezuela et membre de la Tendance Marxiste Internationale, et Guillaume Hébert, coordinateur de la commission altermondialiste de Québec Solidaire, ce jeune parti qui rassemble les forces de gauche de la nation québécoise. (English version follows)

Where is Cuba Going? Report from successful Toronto meeting

About sixty people crowded into Ryerson University's Oakham House in Toronto on 9th June to listen to Jorge Martín speak on the Cuban Revolution.  The gains of the Cuban Revolution continue after 50 years, and it continues to inspire revolutionaries around the world.  Hands Off Venezulea and the Bolivarian Circle "Louis Riel" were proud to host this meeting and continue building the links between the Venezuelan and Cuban solidarity movements.

Venezuela: Five iron and steel plants, and the Carabobo Ceramics, nationalized

At a recent gathering in the State of Guayana President Chavez announced a series of new nationalisations, but he also stressed the need for workers' control, planning and socialism. What now needs to be done is to act on these words and the only force that can do that is the working class. Otherwise all the good proposals can be buried by the myriad of reformists and bureaucrats who infest the movement.

Historic meeting as Toronto HOV merges with Bolivarian Circle “Louis Riel”

60 people gathered in Toronto on 18th April 2009 to celebrate the merger of the Hands Off Venezuela campaign and the Bolivarian Circle “Louis Riel” (CBLR). The event hosted a discussion about the current economic crisis and how the Venezuelan Revolution is providing an alternative.

Venezuela: Big Victory for the Revolution, Time to Build Socialism in Practice!

The result of Sunday's referendum on the constitutional amendment was a huge victory for the forces of the Venezuelan revolution, and at the same time a severe blow against the counter-revolutionary right-wing opposition. Now more than ever, the question is the following: either the revolution moves forward to destroy the economic power of the bourgeoisie and imperialism or it will go under in the most terrible defeat.
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