Toronto: Alan Woods answers the enemies of the Venezuelan revolution

The past few months have seen the return of right-wing attacks on the Venezuelan government and Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez. Also implicated in these attacks has been Alan Woods, the founder of the international Hands Off Venezuela campaign and editor of the popular Marxist website In Defence of Marxism . We were fortunate to have Alan speak at Casa Romero in Toronto’s west-end via video-link, where he answered the lies of the world’s corporate press, as well as why they have attacked him and the HOV campaign personally.

Where is the Venezuelan Revolution going?

The September elections have posed some serious questions before the Bolivarian Revolution. The opposition has organized a noisy campaign in the media to present themselves as "winners", despite the fact that they lost. What is the purpose of this campaign? A minority cannot turn itself into a majority, no matter how loud it shouts. But such a campaign can be advantageous to the counterrevolutionaries both inside and outside Venezuela.

Where is Cuba Going? Towards capitalism or socialism?

On September 13, a statement by Cuba’s trade union (CTC) published in Granma announced a whole series of sweeping changes in the country’s economy. These measures are the result of the serious economic crisis affecting Cuba, which has been hit hard by the recession in world capitalism. This underlines Cuba’s dependence on the world market and the impossibility of “building socialism in one country”.

HOV Canada: No Coup in Ecuador!

The Hands Off Venezuela campaign in Canada has issued the following declaration relating to yesterday's coup attempt in Ecuador.  HOV calls on all workers, youth, and unions to educate themselves about these events, so we can raise solidarity for the next provocation.

As well, please check out the following article, "Ecuador--Mass insurrection defeats coup d'etat ," for more information on the attempted coup in Ecuador.

Venezuelan elections: A serious warning to the revolution

The result of the elections to Venezuela’s National Assembly elections on Sunday was greeted by jubilation in the bourgeois media internationally. It is too early to make a definitive judgment about the results, and it has not been confirmed the right wing has overtaken the PSUV in votes. However, the deafening chorus of triumph in the international media is premature.

Venezuelan Socialist Party wins majority, but opposition is gaining ground

The mood at the Miraflores presidential palace on Sunday night was one of cautious waiting and one could even feel a slight nervousness in the air as thousands of Bolivarians had gathered to hear the first results of the country's parliamentary elections.

HOV activities across Canada show support for the Venezuelan Revolution

This past weekend, the Canadian Hands Off Venezuela campaign and its sister organizations, the Société Bolivarienne du Québec, the Toronto Bolivarian Circle "Louis Riel," and the Vancouver Bolivarian Society organized a series of events and meetings in solidarity with the upcoming Venezuelan elections on 26th September.  The meetings were part of an international day of action in over 20 countries, organized by the international Hands Off Venezuela campaign.

The elections in Venezuela: Defeat the counter-revolution and fight for socialism!

On September 26 the people of Venezuela will be electing a new National Assembly. The reactionary Oligarchy, backed by imperialism, is taking advantage of the shortcomings of the revolution to strengthen its position and prepare for the counter-revolution. The Venezuelan revolution has gone a long way, but key economic levers are still in the hands of the Oligarchy. What is required is to fully carry out the socialist revolution and expropriate the capitalists and landlords. That is the only way of making the revolution irreversible.

Hands Off Venezuela statement on the 26th Sept. elections

The National Assembly elections in Venezuela, which will take place on September 26, will mark a turning point for the Bolivarian revolution. What is at stake is not only who will have a majority in the National Assembly, but the future of the revolutionary process itself.  Hands Off Venezuela is organizing an International Day of Action in support of the revolution for 17th-18th September. In Canada, there will be solidarity events in four cities--Fredericton, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.  As well, please sign the petition of support at .

Defend the Venezuelan Revolution! The latest provocation by Colombia against Venezuela

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez severed diplomatic relations with Colombia last week after a farcical presentation by outgoing Colombian President Alvaro Uribe at a meeting of the Organization of American States (OAS).  Uribe accused the Venezuelan government of harbouring FARC guerrillas and demanded an "international commission of enquiry."  This is the latest provocation by the imperialist powers, through their puppet regime in Colombia, to damage the Venezuelan revolution, especially in advance of the parliamentary elections in September.

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