Oaxaca: The spearhead of the Mexican Revolution

Weeks after the Mexican elections the mass movement against electoral fraud is giving no sign of receding. On the contrary, it is spreading and becoming stronger with each passing day. The situation in Oaxaca is of revolutionary proportions. The workers and peasants could actually take power. Revolution has reached the very borders of the most powerful capitalist country in the world, the USA.

Mexico: Mass protest against electoral fraud acquires insurrectionary proportions

Mexico is roaring like a lion. The country is in revolt like it has never been since the revolutionary peasant's war of Pancho Villa and Emiliana Zapato almost 100 years ago. The electoral fraud of July 2 to the detriment of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) is creating an unprecedented and deep social impact. This is not a mere constitutional crisis.

Hugo Chavez thanks "Hands Off Venezuela" campaign

The international Hands Off Venezuela campaign is publishing a short video of Venezuela's President, Hugo Chavez, thanking the international solidarity campaign "Hands Off Venezuela" and its founder Alan Woods. Chavez thanks HOV for organising a mass rally for him in Vienna the night before.

The Venezuelan Revolution and the struggle for socialism -- Part three

Economic growth in Venezuela is stimulating class struggle and the level of organisation and mobilisation of the Venezuelan working class is rising, but it has not yet reached the point where the labour movement has placed itself at the head of all the exploited layers of society. What is lacking is a political leadership of the working class, with a programme and method capable of pushing the revolution to a final and irreversible conclusion.

Venezuela and Iran: Diplomatic relations, trade deals, and revolutionary foreign policy

Chavez is about to visit Iran. We understand the reasons for reaching trade deals with a regime like the Iranian. The US is attempting to isolate Venezuela, but we believe it is one thing to reach such deals and it is another to present the Iranian regime as if it were somehow “revolutionary”. To do such a thing would sow confusion among the Iranian workers, the only ones who have a genuine interest in defending the Bolivarian Revolution.

1.5 million people march in Mexico against electoral fraud

One and a half million people, according to the organisers, marched on Sunday, 16 July to protest against electoral fraud in the Mexican presidential elections of 2 July. This was the culmination of a national march called by PRD candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), demanding a full recount, "vote by vote, polling station by polling station".
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