Venezuela: Expropriations, reformism, and elections -- the contradictions are accumulating

Recent events in Venezuela prove that the revolution is far from over. Venezuelan society is extremely unstable, and all kinds of tensions between the classes manifest themselves in peculiar ways. Inside the Bolivarian movement, different tendencies are beginning to crystallize, revealing that not everyone is fighting for the same aims and ideas.

Venezuela: The debate on expropriations and the upcoming elections

The expropriation of two golf courses in Venezuela was met with enthusiasm by wide layers of the Bolivarian movement and a hysterical campaign on the part of the bourgeois. In order for the revolution to move forward these expropriations must continue and must be extended.

The revolutionary reawakening of Mexico

The revolutionary mass movement that has been brought into being in Mexico by the electoral fraud perpetrated in the Presidential elections has reached a point where clearly the power is there for the taking. If there were a genuine revolutionary party at the head of the masses we would be on the eve of socialist revolution.

Mexico after the Electoral Tribunal's decision to confirm Calderon as president

In spite of the revolutionary movement of the Mexican masses, the ruling class has decided to go ahead with its manoeuvres to impose its man on the Mexican workers and peasants. The masses cannot tolerate another period of right-wing government. They must prepare for power.

Fidel Castro's illness: Time to wake up to the real danger

Fidel Castro’s illness has posed what will come once he departs this world. The capitalist are looking at different ways of restoring capitalism. Within the state and party in Cuba there are clearly pro-capitalist elements. It is the duty of the workers and youth of the world to defend the Cuban revolution.

Venezuelan Presidential Elections: Vote for Chavez, carry out the revolution to the end

The December presidential elections are an important turning point in the development of the Venezuelan Revolution. They reflect the struggle between the Venezuelan workers and peasants and the oligarchy and imperialism. Our attitude towards these elections is therefore a key question.

URGENT APPEAL: Mexican Marxists come under attack

The struggle in Mexico against electoral fraud is developing into a revolutionary situation and its most advanced point is in the state of Oaxaca. The Marxist Tendency "Militante", part of the International Marxist Tendency, has been involved in these struggles from the very beginning and is now one of a number of organisations being targeted for repression by the state. Urgent international solidarity is needed.

What attitude should the APPO take towards the National Democratic Convention?

The struggle of the Oaxacan workers is the most advanced political movement in Mexico. To put it clearly: there is a revolutionary process taking place in the City of Oaxaca, which has brought APPO (Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca) to power. And although it is true that this power must still be perfected and extended to the whole of Oaxaca, it is a fact that the bourgeois state is no longer in power in the city [of four million inhabitants], and that even within some sections of the police, the authority of APPO is much greater than that of the bourgeoisie.

Oaxaca: The spearhead of the Mexican Revolution

Weeks after the Mexican elections the mass movement against electoral fraud is giving no sign of receding. On the contrary, it is spreading and becoming stronger with each passing day. The situation in Oaxaca is of revolutionary proportions. The workers and peasants could actually take power. Revolution has reached the very borders of the most powerful capitalist country in the world, the USA.
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