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Mali: The dangerous adventures of François Hollande

François Hollande has decided to flex his muscles. Based on the "threat of Islamic terrorism", the French president has deployed 1,700 soldiers in Mali, and another 800 are expected to arrive within a few days. The "international community" has unanimously approved of the intervention. Of course, the French president has said that his country "does not have interests in Mali" and that the action is "exclusively for the purpose of peace." But this is a very small fig leaf covering what is in reality an imperialist intervention to defend the interests of the old colonial power.

CUPW president's letter to Jim Karygiannis: Hands off Venezuela!

The Hands Off Venezuela campaign has received this letter, written by Denis Lemelin, the president of the 54,000-strong Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW).  Comrade Lemelin addresses himself to Jim Karygiannis, the Liberal member of Parliament, who has launched a campaign of lies and distortions about the Venezuelan revolution.  We urge readers to continue the letter-writing campaign, and to continue to spread the genuine achievements and state of affairs in Venezuela.

Hands Off Venezuela: Jim Karygiannis forced to reply to letter-writing campaign

Hands Off Venezuela's campaign, aimed at Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis' remarks about the Venezuelan revolution, has been a great success so far! Dozens of letters have come in, calling upon Karygiannis to withdraw his lies and attacks against the Venezuelan government.  And, the letters continue to arrive!  The letter campaign has been taken up in earnest on social media, and has now forced Karygiannis to issue a reply.  We encourage people to continue to write in, and force individuals like Karygiannis to witness the large reserve of support that the Venezuelan revolution has internationally.

Letter writing campaign: Liberal Party attacks Venezuela

Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis has recently launched a vile campaign of lies and slander against the Venezuelan government.  On his website, Karygiannis calls for the "return of true Democracy" [sic] to Venezuela.  We are re-publishing the following appeal from the Hands Off Venezuela campaign and encourage everyone to write in, to counter the deliberate campaign of misinformation.

Campaign of the Venezuelan opposition is provoking a revolutionary backlash

venezuela masses redTaking advantage of Chavez’s ill health, the Venezuelan oligarchy and imperialism have renewed their campaign of destabilisation against the Bolivarian Revolution. Since the beginning of the year, and even before, the Venezuelan right wing opposition has unleashed a vicious and disgusting campaign of rumours and lies about President Chavez’s real condition with the aim of removing him from office. The aim of this campaign is to achieve what the oligarchy could not get through the ballot box (nor through previous coups, conspiracies, lockouts, etc): the end of Chavez’s presidency which would deal a serious blow to the Bolivarian revolution. They risk unleashing the wrath of the workers and the poor.

Capitalists want to use Hugo Chávez's health problems to strangle Venezuela's revolution

chavez podiumOn Saturday, December 8, Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez announced that he would have to undergo another surgical intervention in Cuba. Adding that “there are always risks in processes like this,” he explained that “if anything happens to me that hinders me [from performing as president]”, vice president Nicolás Maduro is his preference to replace him.


Return of the Egyptian Revolution: The new pharaoh ignites the wrath of the Egyptian masses

To all the sceptics who were moaning about the end of the Egyptian revolution after the coming to power of the Muslim Brotherhood earlier this summer, the recent uprising of the Egyptian masses should serve to teach them an important lesson. Whatever the degree of religious belief or nationalist feelings there may be at any given moment in time, this cannot stop the class contradictions that exist in capitalist society from eventually coming to the surface.

What is behind the attack on Gaza?

On the morning of November 15, Israel carried out the extrajudicial killing of Hamas military leader Ahmed al-Jabari. This act sparked off a new and deadly conflict between Israel and Gaza. This whole affair has all the hallmarks of a premeditated provocation. In this struggle, the IMT stands firmly on the side of the oppressed and against the oppressors. The Gaza crisis can be the match that reignites all the combustible material that has accumulated in the Middle East. It will mark a new stage in the ongoing Arab Revolution.

US Elections 2012: The more things stay the same, the more they change

usa democrats republicans$6-billion and over a year of campaigning later, and it would appear that the status quo remains. Obama is still the president; the Democrats control the Senate; and the Republicans control the House of Representatives. On the surface, "nothing has changed." Taken at face value, this is correct. As we have explained many times before, both Obama and Romney are defenders and advocates of the capitalist system. Nothing fundamental was going to change no matter who won. However, looks can be deceiving.

Obama vs. Romney -- Choice? What choice?

obama romney electionTomorrow, Americans will go to the polls to elect a new president. Despite the what the corporate press may trot out, there is little choice for the US working class; Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both represent two sides of the same coin -- the interests of Wall Street and the so-called "1%". There are underlying pressures growing within US society and regardless of who is elected president, these will eventually come to the fore. Here, we re-publish an article from the US Marxists of Socialist Appeal.