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Successful meeting with Jorge Martin in Vancouver

On Tuesday 9th May the Jorge Martin speaking tour stopped in Vancouver, Canada. 85 people packed into the room to hear Tamara Hansen (Coordinator of Vancouver Communities in Solidarity with Cuba) and Jorge Martin (International Secretary of the Hands Off Venezuela Campaign) speak at a forum titled “Hands Off Venezuela and Cuba!”

"Hands Off Venezuela" welcomes Chávez in Vienna

President Chávez arrived in Vienna yesterday, May 11, ahead of the EU-Latin America summit which takes place today. However, Hugo Chávez will not only be speaking with Europe's "high society" and political leaders. He will also be speaking to the workers and youth of Austria. Last night around 200 activists welcomed him with a militant "¡Rumbo al socialismo!" – "Forward to socialism!"

Where is China Going? - Part one

Nearly thirty years have passed since Deng first introduced his “market reforms”. What started as an attempt to stimulate growth within a planned economy has ended up by establishing capitalist relations in the Chinese economy. How did all this happen and where is China going today?

Bolivian government takes back control of hydrocarbons

The decision of the Bolivian government on May 1st to take over the gas resources of the country, and its high profile implementation by sending troops to occupy the fields and installations has shaken the multinational companies. Speaking at a May Day rally at Plaza Murillo, vice president Garcia Linera, announced the nationalisation with the following words: “the government of the people, the government of the workers, has taken the most important decision of this century: this is the first nationalisation of the 21st century”.

Jorge Martin Speaks in Edmonton, AB

On May 4th 2006, Jorge Martin, Hands Off Venezuela International Campaign Secretary, spoke in Edmonton, Alberta as a part of his speaking tour in Canada and US. This event was jointly organized by the New Democratic Youth of Alberta (NDYA) and Fightback (

Troops Out of Afghanistan! Canadian Imperialism comes of age

With Iraq as the focus of world opinion, Canada, Germany, France and Italy are quietly conducting an imperialist war in Afghanistan. The increasing death toll for Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan highlights the need to oppose the intervention.

US Immigrant Rights: “The Day Without A Mexican”

No longer afraid of "la migra" (the INS), and feeling the strength and solidarity of their numbers, the sleeping giant of the immigrants' rights movement has begun to stir on a grand scale. Over the course of the last few weeks, this has become the most important debate in the United States.

QUEBEC: Hands off Venezuela takes to the streets in Montreal

“You need to get out of here now or these people will kill you.” This was the earnest and forceful advice given my friends and I about three minutes after we arrived at Montreal's Venezuelan consulate on August 15, referendum day in Venezuela. There were only three of us - my roommate Albert with his camera, Macdonald, a pro-Chavez activist, and I - waiting to be joined by a group of others who shared our views on events in Venezuela. Our intention was to demonstrate support for pro-Chavez voters, signs in hand. (September, 2004)

Revolution in Bolivia: All Power to the Popular Assemblies!

he Bolivian revolution is an inspiration to the workers and youth of the whole world. In the last few days it has reached a decisive stage. The masses have risen. Power has passed to the streets. However, the time for making revolutionary speeches is over. It is necessary to pass from words to deeds. (June, 2005)