France: the yellow vests, Act IV – turn the movement into a revolution!

47340012 774353726231386 8551244813633060864 nThe yellow vest movement entered its “fourth act” this weekend, with another round of radical protests by well over the officially cited 130,000 people (possibly as many as 500,000). This time, the state response was even more brutal, with 89,000 gendarmes mobilised across France in an attempt to prevent the yellow vests from demonstrating – peacefully or otherwise – resulting in over 2,000 arrests.

Brazil: organise the resistance against the Bolsonaro government!

The following is a statement by Esquerda Marxist (Marxist Left): the Brazilian section of the IMT, after the victory of far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro in the Brazilian elections. The comrades explain the tasks ahead for the Brazilian left, who must immediately begin building a resistance against the reactionary and repressive policies of a Bolsonaro government.

Donald Trump and the refugees

Donald Trumpe (Image Credit: flikr, Greg Skidmore)Donald J. Trump has recently been an extremely busy man. While striving with might and main to make America great again, he has been obliged to fight on a number of different fronts against sinister forces that are hellbent on undermining him, and thereby preventing America from being great.

Internationalist solidarity with Central American migrant caravan

Internationalist solidarity with Central American migrant caravanOn 19 October, thousands of Central Americans, mainly Hondurans – travelling in a huge migrant caravan – were greeted on the southern border of Mexico with tear gas, hundreds of military police, and warplanes flying overhead.

Saudi Arabia-Canada feud reflects ruling class fears at home and abroad

Picture of Canada and Saudi Foreign Affair Twitter AccountsThe ongoing dispute between the governments of Saudi Arabia and Canada continues to escalate. In the latest development, Saudi state television channel Al Arabiya aired a segment criticizing Canada’s human rights record, making a number of false claims—such as that Jordan Peterson had been arrested for his political views—while also pointing to real issues such as Canada’s abysmal treatment of Indigenous people. Though Saudi Arabia itself is one of the most repressive and reactionary regimes in the world, its televised broadside against Canada underscores the severity of the recent quarrel between the two countries. What is the meaning of this unprecedented breakdown in relations?

IMT World Congress 2018: retying the knot of history

CP Operator on trainBetween 24-29 July, 370 Marxists from more than 25 countries gathered in the Italian Alps for the 2018 congress of the International Marxist Tendency (IMT). In years to come we believe this congress will be remembered as a turning point in the effort to build a worldwide organisation capable of leading the working class in the struggle to overthrow capitalism.

Haiti in revolt: mass protests and general strike against fuel price hike

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Mass protests erupted last Friday (6 July) across Haiti to oppose the government’s plan to cut fuel subsidies. President Jovenel Moïse’s government at first appeared prepared to push ahead regardless of the protests, but with the demonstrations growing in size and scope, the government backed down on Saturday and announced a temporary suspension of the price hike.

Donald Trump and the world

Donald Trump, in his personality, psychology and instincts perfectly reflects the real nature of the class he represents / Image: Gage SkidmoreLenin once wrote an article entitled Combustible Material in World Politics. But the amount of combustible material in the present world situation dwarfs anything the Bolshevik leader might have had in mind. Everywhere one looks there is instability, turbulence and convulsion: the conflict between Russia and Ukraine; the bloody Civil War in Syria; the conflict between Iran, Israel and Saudi Arabia; the unresolved question of Palestine; and the long-drawn-out and equally unresolved war in Afghanistan.

Donald Trump ruins Justin Trudeau’s G7

G7 Summit Donald Trump decided to transform the G7 meeting in La Malbaie, Quebec into a fiasco. Less than 24 hours after stating that relations between the United States and Canada “have never been better” and after the seven major powers signed a joint communiqué to bring the G7 to an end, the American president did an about-face.

Following Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s press conference closing the G7, Trump embarked on a series of attacks against him on Twitter, accusing him of “stabbing the United States in the back.” He also disassociated himself from the joint communiqué issued by the seven powers only a few hours after it was published. While it seemed as though tensions between Trump and the other six powers had been eased, at least temporarily, this “consensus” is now in ruins.

G7 summit ends in chaos

Merkel stares down at TrumpExpectations for the G7 were not high, but the outcome was even worse than expected. For the first time ever, the G7 ended without a joint statement, and with Trump lashing out at Canada and the EU. The summit in North Korea, on the other hand, ended with all smiles and a joint statement promising peace, denuclearisation and security.

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