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Alan Woods speaks in French at first Montréal event

Over 70 people filled the room at the SH pavilion of the Université du Québec à Montréal in the first Québec event of Alan Woods’ North American tour. The event was a great success, with Alan speaking about the events of May 1968 in France, a topic very relevant to Québecois workers and youth inspired by the recent student strike.

Alan Woods meeting in Ottawa — an important step forward

The latest stop in the Canadian leg of the Alan Woods North American speaking tour took place in Ottawa Sunday night, in which a lively and productive discussion was had amongst the 30 students, workers, and trade unionists attending. The mood was one of intense interest and enthusiasm for the ideas of Marxism. Fightback is only just beginning to get organized in the Ottawa region and this event marks an excellent springboard for the spreading of Marxism in the Capital region.

Over 100 turn out to listen to Alan Woods speak at the University of Toronto

Over 100 enthusiastic participants turned out on Saturday evening for the third event featuring In Defence of Marxism editor, Alan Woods, on his current North American speaking tour.  Held at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto, they were eager to listen to Alan speak on the prospects for revolution in the advanced capitalist countries, particularly in Europe and North America.

Alan Woods speaks about relevance of Marxism at York University

More than 40 people packed a room in the Student Centre at York University for a discussion forum led by prominent Marxist thinker and writer, Alan Woods, on Friday Oct. 26.  The event was the first on the North American tour for Alan Woods, whose Canadian leg was organized by Fightback and the Tendance Marxiste Internationale in Quebec.

Marxists of Iran and Canada condemn shutting down of Iranian embassy by Canada’s government

On Friday, 7th September, Canada’s Conservative government announced that Canada has closed its embassy in Iran and expelled Iranian diplomats from Canada. This latest act by the Canadian government, rightly described as “bizarre” by many commentators, comes after a recent history of aggressive behaviour towards Iran.  The Marxists of Iran and Canada are issuing this joint statement to condemn this latest round of aggression by the Canadian government.