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Help us fight back! Make 2013 a Red New Year!

The year 2012 is coming to an end. This has been a year in which the optimism of the capitalists was crushed under the millstone of the world recession. The early signs of growth have given way to desperation as the world economy is once again plunged into recession. Battles are coming in Canada and internationally, but nothing can be achieved without material resources. We are not funded by multinational companies buying favours of politicians. We have to rely on the sacrifices of our supporters and allies. This is the way socialists have always organized. We would like to wish all our comrades and friends a red new year 2013, full of fruitful revolutionary struggle, while at the same time we appeal for a donation towards building the movement against capitalist austerity.

Packed audience at Dawson College listens to Alan Woods speak on the Bolivarian Revolution

Over 50 students and teachers gathered at Dawson College in Montreal on Wednesday to hear Alan Woods speak on the Venezuelan Revolution. There was a healthy discussion on the progress of this magnificent movement, as well as some of its challenges. This was the third successful gathering in Montreal, and marked the last in an energetic series of events across Canada on Alan Wood's North American speaking tour. The US leg of the tour begins in the next days, and is sure to be a similarly resounding success — especially in light of recent mass struggles of the youth and of the trade unions.

Alan Woods outlines the resistance to capitalism at Montreal's Concordia University

Alan Woods’ first tour of North America continues to be a big success. Over 50 came out on Tuesday evening to hear Alan speak at the Graduate Students’ Association building at Concordia University. This was the second event in Montréal, after the successful French-language event on Monday, and yet another important step forward for the work here.

Alan Woods speaks in French at first Montréal event

Over 70 people filled the room at the SH pavilion of the Université du Québec à Montréal in the first Québec event of Alan Woods’ North American tour. The event was a great success, with Alan speaking about the events of May 1968 in France, a topic very relevant to Québecois workers and youth inspired by the recent student strike.

Alan Woods meeting in Ottawa — an important step forward

The latest stop in the Canadian leg of the Alan Woods North American speaking tour took place in Ottawa Sunday night, in which a lively and productive discussion was had amongst the 30 students, workers, and trade unionists attending. The mood was one of intense interest and enthusiasm for the ideas of Marxism. Fightback is only just beginning to get organized in the Ottawa region and this event marks an excellent springboard for the spreading of Marxism in the Capital region.