[AUDIO] The need for socialism in the NDP

Jessica Cassell and Christine Montgomerie-Mione are two Fightback supporters and are also members of the NDP. Recently, they were invited to speak on "3 Women", a radio show hosted by Ontario NDP MPP Cheri di Novo and broadcast on CIUT 89.5 FM in Toronto. Jessica and Christine talk about why Marxism is more relevant than ever to young people today, and present the need to keep socialism within the NDP.

Join the socialist fight back!

The rightward turn of the federal NDP under Thomas Mulcair means that there has never been a more important time than now to build the socialist alternative within the party.  Socialism cannot be “amended” out of the NDP.  It has been there since the founding of the CCF and NDP, and it takes energy from the struggles of the youth, or workers, and of oppressed peoples (such as the Quebec student movement, Occupy, and Idle No More).  Even though we have had this temporary set-back with the watering down of the party constitution, the battle for the future of the NDP is nowhere near over.  We call on everybody who opposed the change to the preamble of the constitution to help us continue the fight!

The crisis facing youth in Canada — York University students and workers look for answers

On a busy Thursday evening on March 7, the Socialist Fightback Club at York University in Toronto held a public event at the campus’ Student Centre. More than 25 activists, students, and workers engaged in a roundtable discussion focusing on the economic crisis and austerity facing youth and workers. Aside from outlining the difficulties that are brought on by the global capitalist crisis, there was a resourceful and vibrant conversation about what folks at the event could actively and concretely do to change the situation that they have been confronted with.

Internationalism and class unity on display at Marxist Winter School 2013

Over 60 comrades attended the third annual Marxist School in Montreal this past weekend, a significant increase from previous schools. Organized by supporters of La Riposte (Quebec), Fightback (Canada), and the Workers' International League (USA), the school was a resounding success, helping to unite revolutionaries from eastern North America in common struggle. Comrades from Quebec, English Canada, and the USA enjoyed two days of vibrant political discussions in both French and English, using consecutive translation during all discussions.

Marxist Winter School/École Marxiste Hivernale 2013

[Accommodation info updated] Please join us for the third annual International Marxist Tendency winter school in Montreal, Quebec. Coming after the fantastic and victorious Quebec student strike there has never been a better time to visit Montreal to discuss how to overthrow the capitalist system with Quebec student activists and working class fighters from across Canada and the USA. The school will include discussions on the European and Arab revolutions, the history of class and national struggles in Quebec, and what is Bolshevism.