Fightback at the Peoples' Social Forum (Ottawa)

Join Fightback and La Riposte (Quebec) at the Peoples' Social Forum in Ottawa, this coming Aug. 21-24.  Thousands are expected to attend and we will be on hand to make sure that the ideas of Marxism are being heard loud and clear! Join us at one of our workshops, at our information stall, or at the Canadian première of the documentary, "Greece on the Brink".

Fightback in solidarity with anti-fascist resistance in Ukraine

We publish here an open letter on behalf of Fightback, La Riposte (Quebec), and the Socialist Fightback clubs across Canada who stand in solidarity with Borotba and other anti-fascist fighters in Ukraine. Our firm and unwavering support for basic democratic principles compels us to stand in solidarity with the fighting militants of Borotba along internationalist lines.

14th Canadian Marxist Conference — Preparing for mass movements in an era of world revolution

Revolutionaries from across Canada gathered in Toronto on the weekend of May 17-18 to discuss the struggle for socialism against the Canadian state. This was the 14th annual National Conference of supporters of La Riposte and Fightback, bringing together almost 60 revolutionaries from the West Coast to Quebec. The conference took place in an era of the deepest crisis in the history of capitalism and where revolutionary movements are spreading across the globe. 

Toronto: Rob Sewell speaks on the Ukrainian crisis and the way out

Over 60 people packed a room at Oakham House at Ryerson University in Toronto on Wednesday evening for a discussion with invited speaker, Rob Sewell, the editor of the British Marxist journal Socialist Appeal. The event, organized by Fightback, focused on the developing situation in the Ukraine in the context of the capitalist crisis today and the similarities with the political forces that gave rise to the First World War 100 years ago. 

Fightback Subscription Drive: Help build revolutionary media in Canada!

fightback-literature-tableWe are launching the Fightback subscription drive over the next month. This is an initiative to build up the strength of revolutionary media that will be carried out in cities and campuses across Canada. In this time of economic crisis, class struggle, austerity cuts, and revolutions around the world the urgent need for revolutionary media has never been greater. We need to build an alternative to the corporate press and to promote working class and socialist analysis on current events.