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Fightback/La Riposte Socialiste Subscription Drive: Help build the forces of Marxism to fight the far-right!

Following the election of Donald Trump and the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, racists and fascists have been emboldened and have organized protests to spew their poison. The response of the left has been to organize mass actions that overwhelm the racists and shut them down. Fightback and La Riposte Socialiste have been at the forefront of mobilizing against fascism across Canada and Quebec.


WinterSchoolFB v3Join the International Marxist Tendency for the 8th annual Montreal Marxist Winter School. 2018 will be the 200th anniversary of Marx's birth, therefore this year we will be focusing on Marx's revolutionary ideas. The Montreal Marxist Winter School has grown every year with over 200 participating in 2017. We expect to continue this great tradition and attract hundreds of participants for 2018. Register today!

After Charlottesville, Torontonians shut down alt-right event

The movement against the alt-right won another victory on Tuesday, August 23 in Toronto. This was the date of a supposed “free speech” event organized by Islamophobic, transphobic, and racist commentators associated with Rebel Media, Canada’s equivalent of Breitbart. Coming just over a week after the killing of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, the community reaction was predictably explosive. The right wingers also made the mistake of holding their hate-filled event at Ryerson University in downtown Toronto, which has a successful Socialist Fightback Students club. Under pressure from the community, the university administration shut down the alt-right. But the community still organized a successful celebration of this victory.

IMT World School: Celebrating the legacy of 1917

Alan Woods opens World School 2017Over 300 revolutionaries from 20 different countries flocked to Italy in the last week of July for the International Marxist Tendency 2017 World School. The event celebrated the centenary of the Russian Revolution, with political discussions themed around this momentous chapter in human history.

2017 Congress Marks Impressive Advance of Canadian Marxists

Congress 2017 Group ShotOver 110 revolutionaries gathered in Toronto May 20-22 for the 17th congress of Fightback and La Riposte Socialiste, the supporters of the International Marxist Tendency in Canada. The three-day congress brought attendees from Montreal, Waterloo, Hamilton, Ottawa, Oshawa and Edmonton, plus international guests from Sweden and Britain. The level of enthusiasm was incredibly high as the congress marked significant advances for the Marxist movement in Canada and Quebec.