We are publishing a statement put out by our comrades in Quebec, La Tendance Marxiste Internationale au Québec, on the government's deal with the striking Quebec students.  Last night (Sunday), there was another large demonstration and our comrades handed out over 1,000 leaflets with this statement.  The original French version can be found by visiting the La Riposte website.

Only one answer to the offer: we continue the fight!

The IMT sees the government’s offer for resolving the current student conflict as a lure to fool the student movement:

The compensation equivalent to the tuition hike promised by Charest is only guaranteed for Fall 2012. How can we put our trust in a government that has demonstrated such bad faith?

The ancillary fees have to be larger than the required compensation for the measure to really take effect. Generally, this is not the case in Quebec universities.

The provisional committee which has to judge mismanagement is made up mostly of people designated by the Ministry of Education.

This committee is a subterfuge to turn the debate away from the tuition hike.

There is no question of a tuition freeze in this proposal.

This offer is an insult to the students who have protested, demonstrated, and faced police violence during the last 12 weeks. The government is feeling the pressure. Victory is near.


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