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Successes and Shortcomings of the Student Strike: Québec society on the move

Québec is in crisis and has just witnessed the largest student strike in 30 years. What is needed now is an honest appraisal of the objective failures and successes of the strike, and a sober discussion of how to build from the current situation in preparation for future battles. (May, 2005)

The Defeat of the Parti Québécois -An analysis of the 2003 Québec Election

The Québec election in April saw a dramatic about-face in government leadership. From the Parti Quebecois, advocates of separatism, control of the state was given to the Charest Liberals, the party most closely linked with the Canadian government and federalism. (May, 2003)

Pour un Québec lucide -- A warning to the working class

Led by former Québec premier Lucien Bouchard, a group of “prominent personalities” in Québec issued a manifesto titled Pour un Québec lucide (in English, For a clear-eyed vision of Québec). The document is a crude attempt on the part of the authors to insert themselves into the intellectual history of Québec. Attempting to draw upon Québec’s history and using some of the strongest symbols from its past, it is nothing more than a manifesto of the bourgeoisie for the 21st century. More than that, Pour un Québec lucide is a stark warning to the working class that things are about to change. (by Rob Lyon)