300,000 march in Montreal against tuition hikes: Largest demonstration in Quebec history is only the beginning!

On Thursday, March 22nd, around 300,000 students, teachers, and workers took to the streets of Montreal in a massive demonstration of historic proportions. On that day, 308,723 students were united in a strike across the province. The march was joined by buses from all over Quebec which brought students from universities, CEGEPs, and surprisingly, even a significant contingent from high schools! Workers’ unions, from the metallos to the nurses to the teachers and others, also came out, flying their union flags. This was truly a demonstration by all the working layers of society. Everyone is coming under attack from an economic system in crisis, and this demo was just an outlet for frustrations that go beyond just the tuition increase.

The threat of Legault and the tasks of the labour movement in Quebec

The recent merger of the floundering Action démocratique du Québec (ADQ) with the newly formed Coalition pour l'avenir du Québec (CAQ) is a warning sign to the working class of Quebec. Over the last few years, the Quebec bosses have been scrambling to find a party that can do what they so desperately need — to form a strong stable government that can successfully put through austerity measures so desperately needed to make Quebec capitalism more competitive on the world market. What can the labour movement do to not just defeat Charest, but also block the attempts to install a right-wing populist government?

Quebec: For a united front against austerity!

The International Marxist Tendency (Quebec), an organized collective within Quebec solidaire, has recently published an open letter aimed at activists within QS and the NDP, pushing for a united front against austerity.  The NDP, QS, and the trade unions are all organizations which can serve to unite the workers' resistance against the coming attacks by the Liberals and Parti Quebecois.

Historic turn in Quebec; NDP surges over the Bloc

The NDP's "surge" in Quebec has caught all of the so-called pundits and experts by surprise.  Poll after poll now has the NDP as the most popular political party in Quebec, even ahead of the nationalist Bloc Quebecois.  How can this be so?  After years of the stale nationalist-federalist debate, Quebec workers are looking for new answers and a defence of workers' rights.

Privatizing Quebec health care: Public-private partnerships and Montreal's "super-hospitals"

It was almost 20 years ago that the story of the Montreal super-hospital began. In 1993, five hospitals came together and decided that it would be more economical to merge their facilities into a 1,100-bed “super-hospital,” which would replace aging facilities in scattered locations with a central, convenient, and state of the art institution. The plan was a straightforward one, which aside from providing better health care, also aimed to save the province money, while increasing patient services. Two decades later, there is still no hospital, and instead of providing the people of Quebec with better, more accessible health care, the hospital has turned into another weapon to make free health coverage a thing of the past.

Crisis in Quebec society: Which way forward for Quebec solidaire?

Joel Bergman from La Riposte, the journal of the Tendance Marxiste Internationale , an official collective within Quebec solidaire, has written this article analyzing the current state of crisis that exists within Quebec society, and the need for a workers' party to emerge in Quebec.  The situation is very favourable for Quebec solidaire (QS) to become that party. The Quebec Marxists will be participating at the QS congress at the end of March and we wish them the greatest success.

6,000 march through Montreal in support of Tunisian uprising

In Montreal, the Marxists participated in a solidarity march on Saturday the 15th which had been called before the dictator fled the country. Called to protest the clampdown against the demonstrations, the march became a celebration of the cowardly flight of Ben Ali, and a protest to demand that his son-in-law not be allowed to take up residence in his $2.5 million mansion in a rich neighbourhood of Montreal.

The Quebec right sharpens their axe

“We need to elect a government that will swing the axe,” declared Mr. Duhaime, a former aide to the ADQ’s Mario Dumont and the co-founder of the Réseau Liberté-Québec (Quebec Freedom Network). The RLQ, launched in September, presents itself to be a “non-profit organization designed to network all Quebeckers who share the ideals of individual freedom and responsibility.” Delving deeper than this rosy proclamation, the RLQ is clearly just another push from the Right to create a viable capitalist alternative to the hated Liberals. This is needed in order to brutally push forward the austerity measures necessary to save the capitalist system, and to dismantle all of the gains made by the working class over the last half-century.

For a true Quebec solidaire, fight for socialism!

Quebec solidaire has issued a call for platforms in the lead-up to the party’s congress. They propose discussing these platforms in a series of citizen circles. The two following documents have been submitted by the International Marxist Tendency (Quebec) , a recognized collective within QS. Fightback works in solidarity with IMT Quebec, and wish our comrades success in promoting a revolutionary internationalist perspective in Quebec.

A sad end to the Quebec Common Front

On 24th June, it was announced that a “historic” agreement had been reached between the Quebec government and the recently formed Common Front of public sector unions, which represents nearly half a million workers in the province. The agreement that was reached threw out the demands that were democratically ratified by the trade union movement and accepted what is, for all intents and purposes, the very same counter-proposal offered by the Charest government at the beginning of negotiations. After years of imposed contracts that enforced degrading work conditions, obligatory overtime, and stagnating wages, the hope of a united opposition by the unions in Quebec against the government's austerity measures have been lost.

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