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Quebec government trashes democratic rights in order to crush the student movement

Over the past two weeks, the student strike in Quebec has entered a new stage. What originally began as a strike against a 75% increase in tuition fees has rapidly progressed into a movement against the Liberal government itself. Premier Jean Charest’s government has clumsily fallen over itself, trying to suppress or divide the movement, with little success. Instead of killing the movement, every action by the government has only given the movement new life. The Quebec student strike is no longer simply about tuition fees; it is now a question of who wields real power in society.

Quebec student strike forces education minister to resign

The past two weeks of the Quebec student strike have brought an intense roller-coaster of events. The Quebec government put forward an offer that would “find a way out of the crisis”, but which did nothing to resolve the issue of the proposed tuition increase. The offer was massively rejected in assembly after assembly across Quebec. Then, on Tuesday the 14th of May, there was the surprise announcement by education minister Line Beauchamp, who was not only quitting her ministerial post but also giving up her seat in the National Assembly — reducing the Liberal government’s majority to just one seat. Today, the government seems in a frenzy to smash the students. The provincial police have charged picket lines and arrested dozens. This government is a wounded animal lashing out.

Vote "No" to the Quebec student deal!

We are publishing a statement put out by our comrades in Quebec, La Tendance Marxiste Internationale au Québec, on the government's deal with the striking Quebec students.  Last night (Sunday), there was another large demonstration and our comrades handed out over 1,000 leaflets with this statement.  There is only one answer to the government's offer: continue the fight! The students must reject the offer in their assemblies and must continue the strike!

Quebec’s youth in revolt: 73 days, 178,390 students on strike

This week has been a crucial one in Quebec’s historic student strike. In their struggle against the $1,625 tuition increase, the students have held strong since February 13th —  for 73 days straight. 178,390 students remain on unlimited strike despite the government’s gamble they could wait this movement out, that it would tire and collapse. This heroic movement is showing an amazing will to fight, and the government has been playing games. They have been swinging back and forth from pretending to negotiate to attempting to put down this rising of a generation by force. The coming days will be crucial in deciding the struggle.

Police repression and injunctions fail to stop the Quebec student movement

As this article goes to print, the Quebec student strike is in its 11th week. All of the efforts by the Jean Charest government to derail and divide the student movement have so far failed, and generally have served to further ignite the flame and spread the indignation to the rest of the population. The vitriolic media campaign unleashed over the supposed “violence” of the students has failed; meanwhile, the government refuses to condemn the brutality and mass indiscriminate arrests by the police forces. The student strike has not been crushed nor has it fizzled out as hoped.  In fact, it has only grown larger as another 11,000 students have recently voted to join the unlimited strike.

Only answer to Quebec student injunctions: Resistance and solidarity!

Following injunctions at the Université de Montréal (UdeM), the slogan, "When injustice becomes law, resistance is a duty!" really becomes the only way forward for students facing the attacks of the Jean Charest government and the Quebec ruling class. This resistance seems self-evident and the enormous mobilization around the blockade of the Roger Gaudry pavilion at UdeM on April 12th can confirm it, but one should not have illusions: this is a difficult battle and the result will depend, in large part, on the capacity of the UdeM students as well as other universities to mobilize. The student movement is vacillating between a mass will to fight and discouragement in the face of the size of the obstacles that the injunctions present.

300,000 march in Montreal against tuition hikes: Largest demonstration in Quebec history is only the beginning!

On Thursday, March 22nd, around 300,000 students, teachers, and workers took to the streets of Montreal in a massive demonstration of historic proportions. On that day, 308,723 students were united in a strike across the province. The march was joined by buses from all over Quebec which brought students from universities, CEGEPs, and surprisingly, even a significant contingent from high schools! Workers’ unions, from the metallos to the nurses to the teachers and others, also came out, flying their union flags. This was truly a demonstration by all the working layers of society. Everyone is coming under attack from an economic system in crisis, and this demo was just an outlet for frustrations that go beyond just the tuition increase.

The threat of Legault and the tasks of the labour movement in Quebec

The recent merger of the floundering Action démocratique du Québec (ADQ) with the newly formed Coalition pour l'avenir du Québec (CAQ) is a warning sign to the working class of Quebec. Over the last few years, the Quebec bosses have been scrambling to find a party that can do what they so desperately need — to form a strong stable government that can successfully put through austerity measures so desperately needed to make Quebec capitalism more competitive on the world market. What can the labour movement do to not just defeat Charest, but also block the attempts to install a right-wing populist government?

Quebec: For a united front against austerity!

The International Marxist Tendency (Quebec), an organized collective within Quebec solidaire, has recently published an open letter aimed at activists within QS and the NDP, pushing for a united front against austerity.  The NDP, QS, and the trade unions are all organizations which can serve to unite the workers' resistance against the coming attacks by the Liberals and Parti Quebecois.

Historic turn in Quebec; NDP surges over the Bloc

The NDP's "surge" in Quebec has caught all of the so-called pundits and experts by surprise.  Poll after poll now has the NDP as the most popular political party in Quebec, even ahead of the nationalist Bloc Quebecois.  How can this be so?  After years of the stale nationalist-federalist debate, Quebec workers are looking for new answers and a defence of workers' rights.

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