Neo-Nazis Firebomb Calgary Activists

On Tuesday, February 12, two prominent members of the Communist Party of Canada and Anti Racist Action were the target of an attack by suspected Neo-Nazis in Calgary. Fightback unreservedly condemns these cowardly acts and calls for working class unity against such attacks.

UNIVERSAL HOUSING: The Only Solution to the Alberta Housing Crisis

Amidst the much celebrated economic boom in Alberta, more and more people are faced with the dire problem of not having affordable housing. Dramatic rent increases and the rise in the cost of living have pushed many Albertans to the brink of poverty.

ALBERTA: Mad Cow: Economic Crisis on the Prairies

The presence of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), or mad cow disease in one cow in Alberta was the spark that exploded the economic crisis on the prairies. The banning of Canadian beef imports in 34 countries around the world has revealed a profound crisis in the economy of the prairies and has exposed some of the major problems in food production the world over. (May, 2003)

ALBERTA: Losing Faith in Ralph: Perspectives following the Alberta election

With the election of a 10th consecutive majority government of the Conservative Party in Alberta there is a tendency on the left to draw pessimistic conclusions. In order to have an accurate appraisal of the situation we need to view the elections in a dialectical manner. The results taken on their own, and interpreted in a mechanical way, one could easily come to the conclusion that there is no hope for the NDP in Alberta, let alone the acceptance of socialist ideas. We need to view elections as merely a snapshot of a living process - like a picture as opposed to a movie. There are more underlying processes at work in Albertan society, the results of which are only beginning to be seen in the political arena. (January, 2005)

Alberta: Fight Back Against the Tories!

There are the rumblings of serious labour disputes all over the province of Alberta. The bitter 7 month long strike at the Shaw Conference centre late last year in Edmonton was a sign of things to come. The lines have been drawn. The Tories slashed wages and jobs in the infamous “Klein revolution” of the 1990’s, complete with downsizing, cut backs and wage rollbacks. The labour movement was caught completely off-guard. We were told that when the recession was over and the province was out of debt – wages and funding to social programs would be restored. This clearly didn’t happen. We just went through one of the biggest so-called booms ever– but even still profit levels were falling and the restoration of wages and funding didn’t take place. Now that we have hit the big brick wall of what could potentially be one of the biggest ‘recessions’, or financial collapses in human history, we see an all out assault by the Tories and their corporate friends against workers and students in this province. (May, 2003)

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