Alberta’s Kenney violates union contracts with Bill 9

Jason Kenney profile shotThe Kenney administration recently introduced the Public Sector Wage Arbitration Deferral Act, or Bill 9, a piece of legislation that will allow the Alberta provincial government to break public contracts and defer upcoming union talks. The bill will affect tens of thousands of provincial employees, including those in essential services such as teachers, nurses, and hospital support staff, as well as social workers, librarians, food inspectors, and others. This action comes less than a month after an email sent out last month by Athana Mentzelopoulos, deputy minister for Alberta Treasury Board and Finance, warned that the United Conservative Party (UCP) government “is considering all available options up to and including legislation” in order to delay upcoming wage arbitration.

Why Kenney won and how to fight him

Jason Kenney profile shotOn April 16, Alberta voters once again made history, by making the NDP the first single-term government in the province. The four improbable NDP years finally came to an end with the April 2019 election result.

In the last election, the NDP pulled off a miracle that sent a shockwave not only across the Prairies but also from coast to coast, rallying from fourth place to finish first in the span of just 28 days, ending a 44-year Progressive Conservative dynasty.

The rise and fall of the Alberta NDP: Lessons for workers

rachel notley1April 16 is set to mark one of the most interesting and important elections in Alberta’s history. The strategy of the NDP in the election campaign so far is a personality-based campaign around the figure of Premier Rachel Notley, defending the status quo against the bigoted scandal ridden United Conservative Party (UCP). In spite of this, it looks the UCP are slated to win.

Alberta Election - NDP cannot defeat Conservatives on personality alone

190320 as ab election collageAlberta Premier Rachel Notley has called provincial elections for April 16. In her announcement, rather than putting forward a platform that will unite working class Albertans against the United Conservative Party and the oil bosses, Notley spent the majority of her time attacking UCP leader Jason Kenney.

Yellow Vest Canada: a racist perversion of the Gilets Jaunes

YellowVestsIn mid-December, Canadians witnessed the start of the "Yellow Vest Canada" movement, with protests popping up in several Canadian cities. The majority of these protests have taken place in Western Canada, particularly in Alberta. Many protesters are frustrated individuals voicing their complaints with Canada’s oil crisis and the Trudeau government. Canada’s recent entry into the UN’s migration pact has also been a sore issue with many protesters. Despite basing itself on the frothing anger of Canadian workers, this movement has shown itself to be reactionary to the core.

Edmonton braces for four years of austerity

Edmonton City Council recently passed its 2019-2022 municipal budget—and austerity is on the menu for the next four years. Mayor Don Iveson himself admitted that this was the hardest budget passed in more than a decade. What will follow are cuts in services and programs reducing their overall quality, putting a heavier daily workload on city workers, and imposing higher living costs on Edmonton residents.

Socialist Fightback discusses the fight against right-wing populism in Edmonton

Joel Bergman Edmonton populismAround 25 people gathered at the University of Alberta on Nov. 13 to discuss how to fight against right-wing populism. Organized by Socialist Fightback Edmonton, the event explored both the causes behind the growing movement and how we as working class Canadians can stop it. The discussion attracted a diverse group of people, many of whom were concerned about the prospect of the United Conservative Party (UCP) led by Jason Kenney taking power in the upcoming Alberta election.

Fight back against Edmonton transit fare hike!

Edmonton Transit System Bus (Photo Credit: CODIE MCLACHLAN / FOR STARMETRO)Within a few years, the cost of public transportation in Edmonton could be the highest in Canada. The city council has brought forward a plan to increase the price of a single bus ride from $3.25 to $3.50 in 2019, $3.75 in 2020, and $4.00 in 2021. This amounts to a 25 per cent increase in just three years. Such a drastic increase will negatively impact many workers who rely on public transit to commute to and from work and go about their daily activities.

Calgary 2026 Olympic bid: Kick capitalism out of sports!

Built Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, the Olympic Demonstration Line is left abandoned and overgrown with bushes.(Photo Credit: Doug Kerr/CBC)On November 13, the people of Calgary will vote on whether to place a bid to host the 2026 Winter Olympics. The city is already considered a frontrunner. Proponents of the bid argue that hosting the Olympics will increase tourism and city revenue. They say that the costs will be offset by the benefits, with the Olympics stimulating the economy and creating jobs. The experience of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games says otherwise.

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