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Toronto garbage privatization: Dump Rob Ford in the garbage, not union workers!

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has thrown down the anti-worker gauntlet declaring that he would privatize garbage pickup in the city. He notified CUPE 416, Toronto’s outdoor municipal employees union, that he plans to put in a competitive bid process for residential waste and recycling pick up in half of the city, while increasing the use of private companies who operate litter vacuums and remove trash from parks. This is a blatant attempt at union-busting that needs to be opposed by every member of the working class.

Toronto municipal elections: Reformists to blame for advance of the Right

It is unusual that a municipal election (even in Canada’s largest city) should make much news, but this year’s elections in Toronto are making waves for a specific reason. According to a number of polls, rabidly right-wing candidate Rob Ford—widely held to be a nut job, at best—may be poised to become the next mayor of Toronto. In a city that is described to be diverse and cosmopolitan, how can this be possible?

2010 Ontario Budget: Liberals fire first shots in war against workers

The Ontario provincial budget that was recently tabled laid out a series of cuts, aimed mainly at public sector workers. However, the budget also makes clear that the Liberals are afraid of greater social unrest that may result from heavier attacks. Many of the worst provisions that had been speculated seem to have been put off to the future. In the end, pressures from the capitalists are going to force the provincial government to launch a full-on assault in order to restore the financial equilibrium of the province.

No return to privatization! Defend public jobs and services!

In a move that would put Dr. Seuss’ Grinch to shame, the Ontario government gave Ontario workers a nasty surprise for the Christmas holidays—the renewed threat of mass privatization of public services across the province. When Dalton McGuinty and the Liberals were first elected in 2003, McGuinty promised that the bad old days of attacks and privatization that characterized Mike Harris’ “Common Sense Revolution” were finally over. For years, we have been warning that when push came to shove, McGuinty would be ready to shed his “Mr. Nice” image and reveal the Liberals’ true class interests. The capitalist crisis has given him this opportunity.

Capitalist "recovery" prepares massive assault on workers -- Ontario workers fighting back

In the past year, the entire world has been thrown into convulsions. Almost overnight, the underpinnings of the capitalist system were thrown out the window. Governments around the world have thrown billions upon billions toward trying to prop up the system. Now that the bourgeoisie is talking about "recovery," it is the working class that will be made to pay. In Ontario, both the provincial government and their cohorts at the municipal level are threatening workers with mass service cuts, "Dalton Days," and layoffs. However, we are beginning to see leftward moves in the labour movement that can lead a workers' fightback against these attacks.

Ontario Entering Slump and Class Struggle

The economic crisis is hitting Canadians hard, and particularly workers in Ontario. Up until now, the workers facing the brunt of the cuts have been in the private sector. However, this is all set to change with the upcoming Ontario provincial budget where Premier Dalton McGuinty is set to unleash a full-scale attack on public sector workers. In the midst of this, the Ontario NDP is holding their leadership convention. This is an excellent opportunity for the party to rejuvenate itself and become the political voice for the workers’ fight back in Ontario.

Ontario Liberals win big majority, but already on shaky ground

The Ontario Liberals under Dalton McGuinty have been handed another majority government, similar in scope to their victory in 2003. The Liberals captured 71 seats, compared to 26 for the Conservatives and only 10 for the NDP – virtually the same numbers that existed before the election campaign. Although on the surface it may look like Dalton & Co. have done a fantastic job for the past four years to deserve a victory of this scope, you get a different story when you dig a little deeper.

Ontario Provincial Election: Kick Out the Tories and the Liberals

Four years ago, Dalton McGuinty’s urged Ontarians to “Choose Change.” After nearly a decade of some of the most vicious attacks upon the working class in Canadian history, Ontario workers were promised “class peace” and a new government that would nurture them. Four years later, the picture has changed very little. In fact, for thousands of Ontario workers, the picture today is much bleaker than even in the dreaded Mike Harris years.

Militant actions wins! A critical look at Ontario politics

Since the betrayal of the Ontario Days of Action in 1996-97, the movement in Ontario has been at one of its lowest levels. This is in contrast to the rest of Canada where most provinces are seeing some of the most militant labour actions since the 1970s. In both British Columbia and Québec, we have seen a burgeoning general strike movement while Newfoundland recently saw the largest strike in the province’s history.

ONTARIO: Peterborough Abanadoned to Disaster by Inept System

Peterborough, Ontario, a community of over 70,000 people and home of Trent University, was struck with hardship in early July. The city received a torrential down pour of over 20 centimetres of rain in less than 12 hours. The sewers and storm drains, ill-equipped for the flooding, quickly overflowed, leaving streets, businesses and over 31,000 homes flooded. Now as the resilient citizenry of Peterborough struggle to repair their broken community, they are faced with yet another dire and unforeseen hardship: a lack of financial aid. (September, 2004)

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