GM leaves behind 2,300 Oshawa workers, Dias caves

Dudes handshaking at Unifor eventOn May 8, GM and Unifor jointly announced the loss of 2,300 out of the 2,600 unionized jobs at the Oshawa Assembly Plant. After five months of negotiating, GM will not reverse its decision to end vehicle manufacturing at the plant by the end of 2019, promising only a $170 million investment after that. This is a slap in the face to 2,600 skilled unionized workers who produced billions in profits for the company over the years.

Ford moves to privatize health care as thousands protest

Ontario Health Coalition On April 18, Bill 74 passed in the Ontario legislature. This bill will dissolve existing local health councils in favour of a central “super-agency”. This super-agency will consist of 15 board members, appointed by the Ford administration. These board members will have sweeping abilities to integrate or dissolve health-care services across the province, deciding whether they are delivered to patients by public or private providers. In other words, Doug Ford’s friends running this new agency will have the ability to implement massive privatization across the health-care system.

Ryerson students vote for student strike against Ford

Ryerson studentsOn April 23, students present at the annual general meeting of the Ryerson Student Union (RSU) unanimously voted to adopt a strike resolution (full text below) tabled by Socialist Fightback at Ryerson. After the last few months of unprecedented mobilizations by students, the overwhelming support for the strike resolution is further proof that there is an enormous movement brewing against the Ford government and its austerity agenda.

OSAP cuts and the fight against the Ford government

Marco talks about OSAP cutsIn January 2019, the Ford government announced sweeping cuts to post-secondary education, primarily impacting low-income students. Also announced were changes to student fees, which would have the effect of undermining student unions. In the following video, Fightback editor Marco La Grotta examines Ford’s attacks on post-secondary education, and offers his thoughts on what the student movement must now do to fight back.

Public education under attack: Strike to fight back!

Class SizePublic education in Ontario is under attack by the Doug Ford Conservatives. On Friday, March 15th Education Minister Lisa Thompson announced increases to intermediate and high school class sizes.

Free Rawal Asad: Fightback pickets Pakistan consulate in Toronto

IMG 20190220 WA0010On Feb. 20, activists with Fightback picketed the Toronto Consulate General of Pakistan at 7880 Keele St. to demand the release of Rawal Asad. Soon after we arrived, a few comrades went inside first to deliver a letter on behalf of Fightback addressed to the consul general. We were able to meet with the vice consul general, Mr. Muhammad Junaid Wazir, and delivered the letter along with a breakdown of events that occured on the day of Rawal’s arrest.

Is a Mexico boycott the way to save GM Oshawa?

jerrydias jan25Last November, GM announced the closure of its plant in Oshawa and in four American cities. Production will be shifted to Mexico, where wages are lower and labour rights are almost non-existent. In response, Unifor, the union representing Oshawa GM workers, has called for a consumer boycott of Mexican-made vehicles to pressure the company into staying put. However, whatever the intentions, this approach may end up doing more harm than good.

Oshawa GM sit-down striker speaks out

GM Blockade 2

In November of last year GM announced that they were closing their plant in Oshawa. Approximately 2,500 workers will be directly affected by this, while workers from parts and feeder plants also stand to lose their jobs. In total, the closure is going to lead to an estimated 20,000-30,000 people unemployed in Durham Region.

SIGN THE PETITION: For a Student Strike Against Ford’s Education Cuts!

On Jan. 17, the Ford government announced a series of deep cuts to post-secondary education, primarily impacting low-income students. In order to stifle his opposition, Ford also announced measures that would undermine funding for student unions, student newspapers and campus clubs. This is a direct attack on working class students, campus workers and student democracy, and must be opposed by all means possible.


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