Alex Grant speaks on Toronto terror arrests

Please click here to listen to an interview with Alex Grant of Fightback. Alex was interviewed by a London (UK) radio station on the recent terror arrests in Toronto.

17 Arrested on Terror Charges in Ontario

On the evening of Friday June 2nd, Police and Security Forces arrested 17 men in the Greater Toronto Area on terrorism charges. These arrests have ignited a media frenzy and a wave of racism against Muslims. For Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the arrests come at a convenient time when support is slipping for the Canadian intervention in Afghanistan. The corporate media and right-wing politicians are attempting to use the fear of terrorism to erode civil liberties in Canada. This article attempts to point a way forward for workers and youth seeking a world without war or terror.

Perspectives for Canadian Workers -- 2006

We are publishing our annual perspectives document which outline the dominant trends within the Canadian labour movement to give youth and worker militants a guide to action.

To defeat the Conservatives, the NDP must mobilize the Working Class

Stephen Harper’s shift to the right has taken many off guard. After all, he did everything he could to play up the moderate side of the Conservative Party, interested solely in cleaning up corruption and making government “open and accountable”. But all of this has proven to be nothing more than a big lie to get votes. Now the Canadian working class is faced with the challenge of defeating the conservative agenda.

Troops Out of Afghanistan! Canadian Imperialism comes of age

With Iraq as the focus of world opinion, Canada, Germany, France and Italy are quietly conducting an imperialist war in Afghanistan. The increasing death toll for Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan highlights the need to oppose the intervention.

New Launched

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Cellucci, Klein and the Question of Canadian Sovereignty

It’s no secret that Alberta Premier Ralph Klein is the mouth piece of US imperialism in Canada. This was particularly evident when the Tories opened their anti-Kyoto campaign in the name of their oil and gas industry friends. (May, 2003)

Mad Cow and the Crisis of Food Production

On December 23, 2003 the US government officially acknowledged the outbreak of BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) in a herd of cattle in the state of Washington.This is officially the first case of mad cow in the US, but is in reality the second case of an outbreak in the integrated Canadian and US cattle industry. The farming and cattle crisis is at root a reflection of the crisis of capitalism worldwide and a result of "globalization". (January, 2004)

Corruption Scandals rock Federal and BC Liberals

Paul Martin and Gordon Campbell aren't sleeping well these days. With elections on the horizon, both the Federal and BC Liberal Parties are down in the polls. Scandals have rocked all levels of government. From large sums of tax-money being given away to corporations, to drug money in BC, it seems that everyone has their fingers in dirty money. (March, 2004)

2004 Canadian Federal Election - Canada is entering a new period of turmoil

The 2004 Canadian federal election is looking to be the closest race since the 1970s. The Liberals seem to be set to lose their majority, while on the left the NDP (the Canadian Labour Party) after leaning leftwards seems set to make gains. The mobilisation of the Canadian workers over the past period will find an expression in these elections. (June, 2004)
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