Jack Layton comes out against the war in Afghanistan, finally

When Canadian troops were first sent to Kandahar to fight the Taliban, the country was less than enthusiastic. Opinion polls consistently showed that the majority of Canadians opposed the war. That’s no surprise. People are getting more and more frustrated with the state of the world. One war seems to flow into the next one and nobody can even give a straight answer to what they’re all about.

Mexican Elections -- Protest Stephen Harper's recognition of Calderon

The situation in Mexico is approaching a critical point. As hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets to protest the results of the recent election, leftist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has now laid formal charges of electoral fraud against the Mexican state. While the bourgeois media, both in Mexico and internationally, tries to denounce the claims of fraud, the evidence against the State continues to pile up.

17th Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan

The Canadian mission in Afghanistan suffered another bitter dose of reality this weekend as Canadian troops in Kandahar conducted operations in a Taliban-controlled area. Canadian troops face a guerrilla war in an entirely hostile territory and a mission that is mired in sand and blood with no way forward and no way out. This reality is one that Cpl. Anthony Boneca, and numerous others, should never have had to face.

Workers must send clear message to Canadian state: Hands off Venezuela and Bolivia!

In the past year we have seen the beginning of a mass mobilization of workers and youth against imperialist intervention in Venezuela, and now, Bolivia. In the United States, over 400 people gathered to create the Venezuela Solidarity Network and here in Canada, nearly a dozen labour councils and labour federations, including the Ontario Federation of Labour, have endorsed the Hands Off Venezuela campaign. Much of the mobilization has been with the US in mind, but we must be prepared for the real possibility of Canada playing a lead role in an intervention in Latin America.

Alex Grant speaks on Toronto terror arrests

Please click here to listen to an interview with Alex Grant of Fightback. Alex was interviewed by a London (UK) radio station on the recent terror arrests in Toronto.

17 Arrested on Terror Charges in Ontario

On the evening of Friday June 2nd, Police and Security Forces arrested 17 men in the Greater Toronto Area on terrorism charges. These arrests have ignited a media frenzy and a wave of racism against Muslims. For Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the arrests come at a convenient time when support is slipping for the Canadian intervention in Afghanistan. The corporate media and right-wing politicians are attempting to use the fear of terrorism to erode civil liberties in Canada. This article attempts to point a way forward for workers and youth seeking a world without war or terror.

Perspectives for Canadian Workers -- 2006

We are publishing our annual perspectives document which outline the dominant trends within the Canadian labour movement to give youth and worker militants a guide to action.

To defeat the Conservatives, the NDP must mobilize the Working Class

Stephen Harper’s shift to the right has taken many off guard. After all, he did everything he could to play up the moderate side of the Conservative Party, interested solely in cleaning up corruption and making government “open and accountable”. But all of this has proven to be nothing more than a big lie to get votes. Now the Canadian working class is faced with the challenge of defeating the conservative agenda.

Troops Out of Afghanistan! Canadian Imperialism comes of age

With Iraq as the focus of world opinion, Canada, Germany, France and Italy are quietly conducting an imperialist war in Afghanistan. The increasing death toll for Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan highlights the need to oppose the intervention.
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