NDP MP Olivia Chow proposes National Food Programme: Good start, but only a band-aid solution

In the past few years, it seems as though all eyes are turned towards children and their inability to have decent, nutritious meals. Recently, NDP MP Olivia Chow has proposed a national food program for children under the age of eighteen that would provide a healthy snack, breakfast or lunch. However, the Tories would prefer do dole out tax cuts that would do very little for poor working class families. Although Chow's plan is a good first step, it does little at addressing the roots of malnutrition and poverty -- the problem of capitalism.

The Debt That Never Ends: CFS fails to inspire

On 7th February, the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) organized their annual “day of action” across Canada to protest against rising tuitions fees. In Toronto, over 2000 post-secondary school students from all over the province of Ontario gathered at the University of Toronto. For over a decade, the CFS has organized this same rally every 7th Feb. and for over a decade, they haven’t quite been able to navigate their way to their destination.

Communist Party of Canada 2007 Congress: A Trotskyist analysis for Young Communist League members

The Communist Party of Canada (CPC) and the Young Communist League (YCL) have recently launched a discussion of party policy in preparation for the upcoming party congress in Toronto in February 2007. The Communist Party, largely due to the history attached to its name, still attracts many young revolutionaries with an honest desire to fight for socialism. Unfortunately, the political positions promoted by the cadres of the Communist Party threaten to waste the potential of those that have sought out the party as an organ of struggle against capitalism.

Afghanistan: Bring the troops home!

At the time of writing, over 140 western troops have been killed in Afghanistan, including 42 Canadians. While you are reading this, the figure is undoubtedly higher. Increasingly, public opinion in Canada is turning against the war. The most recent poll revealed that 59% believe Canadian soldiers "are dying for a cause we cannot win," while just 34% disagreed with that statement. Significantly, the union-supported New Democratic Party (NDP) has officially called for troops to be pulled out of Afghanistan. This is a huge step forward for the anti-war movement and comes from the pressure of the rank-and-file of the NDP and the wider working class. However, if we are to achieve the goal of ending the war, the NDP and the anti-war movement must adopt anti-imperialist slogans and analysis.

A Marxist's articles on Afghanistan and NDP defector

We are publishing the links to a couple of interesting articles that were recently published in The Arthur, the main student newspaper at Trent University.  Both articles were written by Julian Benson, a regular contributor to

Jack Layton comes out against the war in Afghanistan, finally

When Canadian troops were first sent to Kandahar to fight the Taliban, the country was less than enthusiastic. Opinion polls consistently showed that the majority of Canadians opposed the war. That’s no surprise. People are getting more and more frustrated with the state of the world. One war seems to flow into the next one and nobody can even give a straight answer to what they’re all about.

Mexican Elections -- Protest Stephen Harper's recognition of Calderon

The situation in Mexico is approaching a critical point. As hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets to protest the results of the recent election, leftist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has now laid formal charges of electoral fraud against the Mexican state. While the bourgeois media, both in Mexico and internationally, tries to denounce the claims of fraud, the evidence against the State continues to pile up.

17th Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan

The Canadian mission in Afghanistan suffered another bitter dose of reality this weekend as Canadian troops in Kandahar conducted operations in a Taliban-controlled area. Canadian troops face a guerrilla war in an entirely hostile territory and a mission that is mired in sand and blood with no way forward and no way out. This reality is one that Cpl. Anthony Boneca, and numerous others, should never have had to face.

Workers must send clear message to Canadian state: Hands off Venezuela and Bolivia!

In the past year we have seen the beginning of a mass mobilization of workers and youth against imperialist intervention in Venezuela, and now, Bolivia. In the United States, over 400 people gathered to create the Venezuela Solidarity Network and here in Canada, nearly a dozen labour councils and labour federations, including the Ontario Federation of Labour, have endorsed the Hands Off Venezuela campaign. Much of the mobilization has been with the US in mind, but we must be prepared for the real possibility of Canada playing a lead role in an intervention in Latin America.
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