Montreal: Public Discussion on the “electoral fraud” and the movement in Iran

The “electoral fraud” in Iran’s presidential election has triggered a movement of a magnitude not seen since the 1979 Iranian Revolution. Not only have millions of people poured onto the streets but they have also showed a strong defiance to the once much-feared oppressive apparatus of the Islamic Republic. On 18th July, members of the International Marxist Tendency in Quebec, organized the first public meeting on Iran in Montreal with two prominent guest speakers: Amir Khadir, the first member Quebec solidaire (QS) elected to the Quebec National Assemby, and Arash Azizi, an Iranian journalist currently living in Toronto.

Discussing the new Iranian Revolution in Toronto

When the new Iranian Revolution began a few weeks ago, the masses were shouting "Don't be afraid! We are all in this together!" Support has come in from around the world, including Canada. Fightback and IMT activists have participated in numerous demonstrations and solidarity events in Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. In Toronto, Fightback organized a very successful panel discussion the beginning of the Iranian Revolution.

Marxist Conference in Canada a Big Success

On the weekend of June 5-7th, working class activists from across Canada travelled to Montreal to discuss the way forward for Canadian revolutionaries. Representatives of Fightback from BC and Ontario joined, together with the militants of the International Marxist Tendency of Quebec, in an incredibly enthusiastic meeting of solidarity and struggle. The conference was roughly double the size of last year’s, indicating the thirst for Marxist ideas by Canadian workers and youth. The enthusiasm of the conference came as a result of the recent steps forward for the forces of Marxism fighting the Canadian state. The conference was prefaced by a public meeting where the Marxists in Quebec launched La Riposte, a new French journal that will help spread the ideas of Marxism to francophone workers and youth. In addition to this advance, Fightback in English Canada has just moved to a colour monthly and is gaining a wider and wider circulation.

Lancement de La Riposte: le Journal de la Tendance Marxiste Internationale au Québec

Le 5 juin 2009, les marxistes québécois ont lancé une nouvelle publication, La Riposte. Le lancement du journal a eu lieu à l'UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal), là ou il y a quelques mois à peine, les professeurs étaient en grève. Près de 30 000 étudiants de l’UQAM avaient alors enclenché une grève en solidarité avec leurs professeurs. Une quarantaine de personnes ont assisté à l'événement de lancement du journal. Les panélistes comprenaient Isa Al-Jaza’iri du comité éditorial de La Riposte, Camilo Cahis du comité éditorial de Fightback, le journal des marxistes canadiens, et finalement Jorge Martin du Secrétariat international de la TMI.  (English version follows)

Fightback becomes a colour monthly!

Capitalism is in crisis as never before; more than ever, workers and youth need a Marxist analysis to make sense of it all. For the last 10 years Fightback has been on the front line, giving activists the answers they need. Political events are changing rapidly and to make sure we meet the need, we have decided to make Fightback a monthly paper. In addition, we are revolutionizing our layout and design. The most noticeable addition is the colour front cover. Through this we hope to professionalize our message so we can reach more people and become a more prominent voice of the workers and oppressed.

The Marxists at May Day

Marxists in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver were active in intervening at May Day rallies this past weekend. We publish here reports and pictures from the three cities.

Defending Workers of Iran in Canada!

As part of the worldwide activities of the Iranian Workers' Solidarity Network, a solidarity event was held in Toronto also commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Iranian revolution. Resolutions of support for the Iranian workers were also passed by Vancouver postal workers and the District Labour Council.

First Pan-American Marxist School of the IMT

From February 27 to March 2, more than 100 revolutionaries from Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, El Salvador, the USA, Canada, Ecuador, Cuba, Guatemala, gathered in Mexico City for the first Pan-American Marxist School of the International Marxist Tendency. A new tri-lingual Pan-American journal of the IMT, America Socialista, was also launched at the event.

Montreal discusses Trotsky, permanent revolution and the Latin American revolution

On May 29th there were approximately 45 people present at the Simon Bolivar Cultural Centre in Montreal to attend a round-table discussion with Celia Hart and Jorge Martin. This event was organized by the International Marxist Tendency and was entitled "Permanent Revolution and Trotsky's ideas in Venezuela and Cuba." Cuban Trotskyist Celia Hart and also Jorge Martin, a leading member of the IMT and the Hands Off Venezuela campaign international secretary, led the discussion.

Fightback at Miners' Memorial Day 2007

Miner’s Memorial Day took place this past weekend on Vancouver Island to celebrate the memory of Ginger Goodwin and the struggles of the miners. A good contingent of youth were present to take part in meetings and discussions.

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