$1,400 raised for Pakistani Trade Union Defence Campaign flood relief

Activists in Toronto recently held a solidarity BBQ that raised over $1,400 for the efforts of the Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) revolutionary flood relief campaign.  This was genuine international solidarity on display, with youth and workers from all sorts of communities coming together to assist the relief of workers and poor in Pakistan.  If you are interested in helping out with the PTUDC campaign, please click here .

Join Fightback at the G20!

The Marxists of Fightback have been very busy intervening the week-long series of events leading up to this weekend's G20 summit in Toronto!  On Saturday, we will have a permanent tent set up at Queen's Park, so come visit us and pick up some Marxist literature!  We will have a public meeting on building a socialist alternative to the G20 on Saturday, 26 Jun. at 7pm at the Imperial Pub, 54 Dundas St. E.

As well, Alex Grant was interviewed yesterday (23 Jun.) on Sun TV in Toronto.  Watch the interview here.

The People's Summit in Toronto: Workers and youth get ready to take on the capitalist G20

Hundreds of workers, activists, youth, trade unionists, and students gathered this past weekend at Toronto’s Ryerson University to organize “The 2010’s People’s Summit: Building a movement for a just world.” Aside from the scores of workshops, the summit was aimed at organizing the week-long series of events and demonstrations against the G20 summit in the city, culminating with the giant rally at Queen’s Park on 26th June.

Fightback at the G20

Beginning with the People's Summit this coming weekend, Fightback is fully mobilizing for the G20 meeting in Toronto and are sponsoring a series of events.  If you are interested in stopping the G20 and fighting against capitalism, drop by our tables in the next couple of weeks!

Conference reveals the growing force of Marxist ideas in Canada

Over the May long weekend, supporters of Fightback in English Canada, and La Riposte in Quebec, gathered to rally the forces of Marxism fighting the Canadian state. Over 40 young workers, students, and trade unionists gathered in Toronto to discuss the effects of the capitalist crisis and how to mobilize resistance to the bosses’ attacks. It was the largest and most successful gathering in the history of the event, with activists flying in from as far as Vancouver, and shows the growing presence of Marxist ideas in Canada.

Dawson College: Report from "The capitalist crisis and its effects on students"

On 11th February at Dawson College in Montreal, the Dawson Socialist Club organized a discussion on the economic crisis and its effect on students. More than 20 students came out to hear Camilo Cahis, a member of the Fightback editorial board, who spoke on the issue. Although most students were from Dawson, there were also students from McGill, Vanier College, and CEGEP de Maisonneuve who came out.

Help us make it a Red New Year!

Fightback will be taking a break for the next couple of weeks during the holiday period. Our next update to our website will be on Tuesday, 5th Jan. 2010. In the meantime, we're asking our supporters to help us in the new year. As all of our readers and supporters know, the capitalist crisis has hit workers hard and we can only expect the attacks to get worse in 2010.  There has never been a greater need for Marxist ideas than now.  With your support, let us make it a Red New Year!

Vancouver: Discussing the workers' struggle in Iraq

Fightback supporters in Vancouver recently organized a discussion on the workers struggle in Iraq. Akram Nadir, international representative of the Federation of Workers Councils and Unions in Iraq spoke for about half an hour about the situation facing workers in Iraq and internationally.

Fightback welcomes the launch of A step forward for Marxism in Quebec

This past summer, the Marxists in Quebec launched their French paper, La Riposte. La Riposte is a paper that speaks for all sections of the working class in Quebec; Fightback is proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the supporters of the International Marxist Tendency In Quebec in our struggle against the capitalist Canadian federal state. With the launch of their new website,, we're sure that we are now one step closer to a socialist Quebec, a socialist Canada, and a socialist world.

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