In Memory of Camilo by Alan Woods

We publish here an obituary for our dearly departed comrade Camilo Cahis. This obituary was written by the well known Marxist theoretician Alan Woods. Alan is the political editor of the popular website In Defense of Marxism and a leading figure of the International Marxist Tendency. 

The Death of Comrade Camilo Cahis

fightback-2015winterschool-camiloThe movement has lost a great fighter. Camilo Cahis, succumbed to mental illness on the night of Saturday 25th April, 2015. We, his comrades, are forever in his debt.

Historic turnout for the 2015 Marxist Winter School!

Over 80 people registered to participate in the annual Marxist Winter School on the weekend of February 15-16 in icy Montreal. This year’s school, held at Concordia University, broke the record for the highest attendance in the event’s history, and saw revolutionary activists visiting from Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Boston, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and California. Organizers from Fightback (Canada), La Riposte (Quebec), and the Workers’ International League (USA) were elated to have held yet another successful event, proven by the sense of enthusiasm which permeated the room.


THANKS! Fightback gets its first office

Over the winter, Fightback has been organizing a solidarity campaign to acquire our first office. We are very proud to announce that, due to the amazing outpouring of support we received, we were able to move into an excellent location on 1st January. We want to thank all our readers and supporters, everybody who took out a solidarity subscription, or gave a donation in cash or in kind, for making this possible. 


Join us at the fifth annual Northeast Marxist Winter School!

From Ferguson to Mexico to Quebec, the world situation has once again been plagued by instability and social upheavals. Mass movements have arisen as youth and workers look for a way out of the dead end offered to us by capitalism. It is with this in mind that we announce the fifth annual Northeast Marxist Winter School in Montreal, which arms activists with Marxist ideas for the struggles to come.

Help Fightback Get an Office and Press!

The crisis of capitalism never seems to end. And yet, amongst the depression, there is one growth industry — revolutionary socialism! Last year, Fightback and La Riposte launched an appeal to hire a Montreal organizer. We are happy to report that this campaign was a huge success. But the struggle cannot stop there, and now we are proud to announce we are on the verge of finding the funds to found a national organizing office in downtown Toronto, and a copy-printer capable of producing Fightback in-house!

Fightback at the Peoples' Social Forum (Ottawa)

Join Fightback and La Riposte (Quebec) at the Peoples' Social Forum in Ottawa, this coming Aug. 21-24.  Thousands are expected to attend and we will be on hand to make sure that the ideas of Marxism are being heard loud and clear! Join us at one of our workshops, at our information stall, or at the Canadian première of the documentary, "Greece on the Brink".

Fightback in solidarity with anti-fascist resistance in Ukraine

We publish here an open letter on behalf of Fightback, La Riposte (Quebec), and the Socialist Fightback clubs across Canada who stand in solidarity with Borotba and other anti-fascist fighters in Ukraine. Our firm and unwavering support for basic democratic principles compels us to stand in solidarity with the fighting militants of Borotba along internationalist lines.

14th Canadian Marxist Conference — Preparing for mass movements in an era of world revolution

Revolutionaries from across Canada gathered in Toronto on the weekend of May 17-18 to discuss the struggle for socialism against the Canadian state. This was the 14th annual National Conference of supporters of La Riposte and Fightback, bringing together almost 60 revolutionaries from the West Coast to Quebec. The conference took place in an era of the deepest crisis in the history of capitalism and where revolutionary movements are spreading across the globe. 

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