The Vancouver housing crisis: expropriate the parasites!

homelessnessDue to rampant property speculation, Vancouver is one of the most expensive cities in North America in which to live. Meanwhile, as stupendous profits are being made by parasitic landlord-speculators, workers are being forced deeper into debt, poverty, and financial turmoil. This illustrates a deep flaw within the capitalist system, and its inability to provide the bare necessities, such as housing.

Interview with Derrick O'Keefe, socialist Vancouver city council candidate

COPE council candidate Derrick O'Keefe (Photo Credit: Dan Toulgoet / Vancouver Courier)The Vancouver municipal elections on Oct. 20 saw a big shift. Vision Vancouver, which had ruled for 10 years—a period which saw rents and homelessness skyrocket—was wiped out, and the left-wing Coalition Of Progressive Electors (COPE) had a strong showing. COPE ran a strong anti-establishment left-wing campaign which saw four of the seven candidates they ran elected to the city council, school and park boards.

A Tale of Two Cities: The Toronto and Vancouver municipal elections (2)

Kennedy Stewart winner of the Vancouver Election. (Photo Credit: Darryl Dyck/The Canadian Press)It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… In Vancouver, the right wing NPA was defeated in the mayoralty by a former NDP MP, combined with a strong showing for the left wing Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE). But in Toronto, former Progressive Conservative leader John Tory won a landslide 63%, while white nationalist Faith Goldy came in third with over 3% of the votes. What can the Toronto left learn from Vancouver so this miserable result is not repeated?

BC Politics on a Knife's Edge

bc election 2017Once again, the BC NDP has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. After 16 long years of Liberal rule, with their cuts to welfare, scandals in the legislature and privatization of provincial services, the Liberals still remain the power in the land. Christy Clark is still premier, but for how long?

BC Election: Kick out the corrupt Liberals!

BCLeaders Horgan Clark ContestWhile the writ will drop on April 11, unofficially, the British Columbia provincial election has been well underway for several months now. Christy Clark seeks re-election to add four more years to 16 years of BC Liberal Party rule, while John Horgan is attempting to prove that he and the BCNDP are capable of governing the province for the first time since the 1990s.

BC NDP election disaster: What went wrong?

bc ndp adrian dixIt wasn't supposed to happen this way. After 12 years of BC Liberal rule, the scandal-plagued right-wing government was set to take a beating. The NDP entered this race with a 20-point lead in the polls; they were unstoppable! But that's not what happened on election night.  Instead, it was the NDP that took a beating, actually losing seats and strengthening the Liberal majority.  Amidst the stunned NDP activists at the “victory party”, one question was written across the face of everyone in the room — “How could this happen?”


Support BC teachers: Bill 22 is a threat to collective bargaining for all unions

bc teachers3BC teachers have recently waged a three-day strike, to fight against the draconian measures contained within Bill 22, the latest attempt by the BC Liberal government to crush the BC labour movement.  Although the government has found billions to fund the Winter Olympics, freeway expansion, and construction to the Vancouver Convention Centre and BC Place stadium, at the same time it has bled the budgets of hospitals, schools, welfare services, and other essential services in the province.  The attempt to legislate a contract on BC teachers is a culmination of a decade of class war by the BC Liberals.

COPE decimated in Vancouver civic election; Vision Vancouver wins second term

copeThe Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE) was decimated in Vancouver’s civic election on 19th November.  COPE lost both of its seats on city council, all of its seats on the parks board, and only managed to hang on to one seat on the school board.  Former city councillors Ellen Woodsworth and David Cadman were both quick to point the finger at prominent radical Tim Louis for the loss; in fact, the precise opposite is true.  It was years of tail-ending of Vision Vancouver by Woodsworth and Cadman that cost COPE the election.

Gordon Campbell resigns: Bye-bye Gordo!

On November 3, Gordon Campbell faced the inevitable and announced that he was stepping down as premier of British Columbia. After nearly a decade of relentless attacks on social programs, mass mobilizations, and strike actions, Mr. Campbell has played his final hand. At the end, his approval rating had fallen to single digit support. He leaves the province with the lowest minimum wage and the highest child poverty rate in the country.

BC NDP Must Stop Tail Ending Right Wing

The upcoming introduction of the HST is bitterly opposed by British Columbians, and is a further attack on workers' worsening living conditions.  This should be the perfect opportunity for the BC NDP to provide leadership and a different way forward for the working class.  Instead, the BC NDP leadership lurches to the right and tailends the campaign of right-wing populists.

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