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Conservatives Implement “Second-Class Citizenship”

second class citizen 897x494Second-class citizenship has now become a reality in Canada. Bill C-24 - the “Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act” - came into effect on May 29, granting the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration the ability to strip dual-citizens of their Canadian citizenship.

The Death of Jacques Parizeau and The Class Nature of Sovereignty

parizeau 0602The former premier of Quebec and Parti Québécois leader Jacques Parizeau passed away on June 1, 2015. People across the political spectrum have spent considerable efforts waxing political and nostalgic about the last “great statesman”.

Pan Am 2015: A Story of Greed

panamgamesIn a few weeks, the 2015 Pan Am Games will commence in Toronto, drawing in over 6,000 athletes from 41 countries. Thus far, the budget for the games sits at $2.57 billion dollars, a price tag nearly twice the original estimate of $1.4 billion.

What happened to the Quebecois Spring?

Anti austerity march in Montreal March 21 2015 photo by Canadian Press 3The momentum and élan that was built up amongst students and organized workers for a showdown with the Liberal government heading into the spring of 2015 in Quebec has dissipated. A feeling of disappointment hangs in the air as everyone is asking “what happened to the Quebecois spring?”

A Very Albertan Coup - NDP Must Learn From Experience of Rae Government

alta elxn ndp 20150502The Alberta NDP’s program of modest wealth redistribution through minor increases in taxation on the wealthy and the corporations, and its planned royalty review will not be enough to reverse austerity, growing unemployment, and the cycle of booms and slumps in the oil patch, especially in the face of the concerted opposition of the ruling class.

Ontario Liberals Threaten Mass School Closures

toronto school boardIt didn’t take long for Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, a former school board trustee, to become the education sector’s worst nightmare. Almost 70 schools are under “review” for closure in Toronto alone, with potentially hundreds slated for closure across the province.

“Butter before oil”: A look at the historic 2015 Alberta election

notleyThe 2015 provincial election in Alberta was truly historic. Not only have the people of Alberta elected the first NDP government in the history of the province, but also the 44-year reign of the provincial Progressive Conservatives has - finally - come to an end. This represents a historic and seismic shift in the history of the province, and marks a new stage in the class struggle both provincially and nationally.

Police repression at UQAM marks sharpening of Quebec movement

Students occupy UQAM with picket signsThe past few days have seen some significant developments in the movement of students and workers in Quebec. ASSÉ's rank-and-file impeached the union's executive after the exec pushed for an end to the ongoing student strike. And, just this week, Montreal police stormed the campus of the Université du Québec à Montréal after students protested political expulsion of some students.

Crisis brewing in the oil patch: Alberta workers under attack

alberta oil workersThe rapid crash in the global price of oil has thrown the Alberta economy into crisis mode. After years of record revenue, which partially allowed the Alberta ruling class to paper over the growing gulf between the oil bosses and the working class, the Alberta government has just brought in the most austere government budget in nearly 25 years, massively slashing public services and cutting wages of public-sector workers. And the worst is yet to come.

Quebec students must bring the workers into the struggle!

Quebec students marching behind an anti-austerity bannerThe mandate for the two-week student strike is coming to a close this week, and ASSÉ’s weekend congress will be dominated by debates over the way forward. Much controversy has arisen over the fact that the ASSÉ executive has put forward a proposition to end the strike and wait for possible strike action on the part of the unions in the fall. On the other hand, the #printemps2015 committee has denounced this move and is pushing for a continuation of the strike. The sizable night demonstrations and the large numbers of students on strike show that there is an overwhelming desire among the youth to fight back against austerity and that there is a lot of energy and passion looking for direction. But what is to be done?

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