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Massive public sector strike rocks Quebec

On Wednesday December 9th, over 400,000 public sector workers organized in the Common Front staged a massive 24-hour strike. All over the province, public buildings were shut down by picketers and mass demonstrations were held. Jacques Letourneau, the president of the CSN called this the biggest public sector strike since the revolutionary general strike of 1972. He stated that “There were 210,000 on strike at the same time then and today there are more than 400,000.” The working class is flexing its muscles in Quebec, posing a real challenge to the austerity agenda of the Couillard government.

Auditor General unveils scathing report on Wynne Liberals

auditor general lysykOn December 2, 2015, Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk released her annual report for the province of Ontario. The final 773-page document may very well be the most comprehensive indictment of the Wynne Liberals yet produced. From the government’s contempt of public input to their crony practices, Lysyk’s report is further confirmation that the “progressive” Liberal brand that Ontarians were promised in 2014 was just one more fanciful illusion.

Liberal foreign policy offers change in style, not substance

Trudeau Foreign PolicyWith the restoration of a Liberal majority in the 2015 federal election, newly sworn-in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised a more multilateral approach to foreign affairs than the departing Conservatives, reflecting the historic Liberal "brand". In practice, the new government's foreign policy will differ little from that of the Conservatives—upholding the global interests of the Canadian bourgeoisie, but with a more youthful, "progressive" image.

Bombardier gets billions while workers face cuts

The Quebec government will bail out Bombardier. This could not have come at a more insulting time for the Quebec teachers and public sector servants. While the provincial Liberal government pushes ahead with a program of cuts and austerity, it has no qualms in generously providing a failing company like Bombardier with what can be rightly described as “corporate welfare”. Furthermore, as if that was not offensive enough, the Quebec Liberals are asking the federal government to match their handout to Bombardier with another of its own.

Quebec Strikes – Defy back-to-work legislation!

lanaudiere greveThe long awaited public sector strike in Quebec has begun. From October 26th – 29th, 400,000 public sector workers in Quebec staged strikes to protest against the austerity measures of the provincial Liberal government.

2015 Canadian Election: Conservative Austerity Rejected. NDP Humiliated.

12144655 763801547086676 2839535174104686110 nCanadians have voted for change and rejected the austerity of the Harper Conservatives. However, Canada’s labour party, the New Democrats, did not capitalize on this anti-austerity mood. Under former Liberal Tom Mulcair, the party moved rightwards and adopted a tone of extreme moderation. This disillusioned the population looking for change and allowed the Justin Trudeau Liberals to fill the rhetorical vacuum on the left.

The Niqab Debate: A Weapon of Mass Distraction!

Canadian politics has been plagued by a debate about the niqab. Federal party leaders have been trading barbs over the issue in public statements as well as during the most recent French-language election debate. Plagued by the Senate corruption scandal and a sputtering economy, this niqab debate has arrived as a godsend for the Conservatives who seem to have gained new life in the polls. But what is this debate really about?

Senate Cesspool Spills Over – Abolish the Senate!

The Canadian Senate is mired in a massive crisis of legitimacy. The revelations of bribery and embezzlement scandals in the mass media, from the Mike Duffy affair to the more recent spending scandal (in which one-fourth of Senators have been directly implicated), have decisively tarnished the reputation of the “Upper House” in many people’s eyes. Calling it the “Canadian Senate’s watershed moment,” a Toronto Star columnist wrote that “senators can yell their defence from the rooftops if they want, but no one is listening.” Finally, enough is enough.

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