Ontario high school walkout: Youth speak out on sex ed

Students at Bloor Collegiate Institute rallying in Toronto on Friday to protest the sex ed curriculum. (Photo Credit: Nathan Denette/ The Canadian Press)On Friday, Sept. 21, more than 38,000 high school students from at least 75 schools across Ontario walked out of classes in the largest such demonstration that Canada has ever seen. The walkout was staged over the Doug Ford government’s repeal of the 2015 sex-ed curriculum, as well as his rejection of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s recommendations regarding Indigenous education. In the wake of the curriculum repeal, schools will be forced to use the entirely inadequate 1998 curriculum, which omits topics such as consent, bullying, gender identity and sexual orientation, and the proper medical names of genitalia.

PQ establishment panics as QS surges

nullWith a few days to go till voting day, the increasing support for the left-wing Quebec solidaire has provoked a wave of panic in the camp of the Parti Quebecois and the establishment media. Obtaining just 7.6 per cent of the vote in the 2014 election, the party has now risen to 16-19 per cent in the latest polls. Faced with this threat, PQ leader, Jean-François Lisée and the media have launched a hysterical campaign of red-baiting and slanders against QS, accusing them of being “Marxist” and “anti-capitalist.”

The $15 billion deficit: Ford uses ‘shock and awe’ to ram through austerity

Finance Minister Vic Fedeli with Premier Doug Ford  (Photo Credit: RICHARD LAUTENS / TORONTO STAR)On Sept. 21, Ontario Finance Minister Vic Fedeli announced that the $6.7-billion deficit his government inherited from Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals for 2018-2019 was in fact $15 billion—more than double the anticipated amount. Sadly, this remarkable discovery also came with grave consequences. “The truth may not be much fun, but at least you know it’s the truth,” Fedeli said. “The task ahead is not an easy one. The hole is deep and it will require everyone to make sacrifices without exception.” The message was clear: deep cuts are coming, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Fight Kenney! Fight for socialism!

Fight Kenney

Four years ago, Alberta politics was turned upside down by the victory of the NDP. The Progressive Conservatives not only suffered a humiliating defeat but also entered into a period of prolonged internal crisis. However, in the past year, the divided conservative forces have come together with a new party and sense of confidence. A poll in July put the United Conservative Party (UCP) far ahead of the NDP in electoral support, with 47.5 per cent of Albertans saying they would vote for the UCP and 30.4 per cent for the NDP. Should this poll hold for the coming election in May next year, the Conservatives will return to power.

Doug Ford flouts Charter, throws Toronto elections into chaos

Doug Ford declaring he will use the notwithstanding clause to pass Bill 5 (PHOTO CREDIT: Vice News)Premier Doug Ford has announced that he will go ahead with his plan to slash the Toronto City Council from 47 members to 25, defying the recent court ruling which declared his move unconstitutional by invoking the “notwithstanding” clause in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Ford’s move marks the first time in Ontario’s history that this clause has been used. While it should come as a surprise to no one that Doug Ford has little respect for democratic rights or procedural niceties, the degree to which he is willing to tear up the Charter for petty, personal vendettas against his former colleagues at city council is almost stunning. This gives us a clear glimpse into what we can expect from Ford’s attacks on the working class in the coming years: ruthless slash and burn, while running roughshod over democratic rights.

Defend the right to strike!

York University contract faculty go on strike. (Photo Credit: Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images)The right to strike is under attack in Ontario. On July 25, legislation was passed by a vote of 69-40 ending the strike of almost 2000 teaching assistants at York University. The Ford government, in power for only two months, has sent a message to Ontario workers that he is ready to violate their democratic right to strike in order to carry out his rotten agenda. By making an example of the teaching assistants, Ford hopes that other workers will be intimidated from going on strike themselves. If not, it won’t be long before they too face back-to-work legislation. It’s these sorts of thug tactics that workers can expect from the “People’s Premier” over the next four years.

Doug Ford’s cynical ‘buck-a-beer’ sham

doug ford buck a beerPremier Doug Ford has announced a plan to reduce the minimum price for the sale of beer in Ontario to $1.00 plus deposit per bottle. The Liberal government of Dalton McGuinty previously raised the minimum price per bottle from $1.00 to $1.25 in 2008.

Teachers resist as Ford turns back clock on sex ed

Teachers rally at Queen’s Park to protest the Ford's rollback of sex education curriculum.  (Photo Credit: EDUARDO LIMA / STAR METRO)Early in July, Ontario Education Minister Lisa Thompson announced that the province would be reverting back to a sex-ed curriculum last updated in 1998. The new PC government has called the updated 2015 curriculum “age-inappropriate,” a “failed ideological experiment,” and claim that not enough parents were consulted in its development. Thousands of teachers, parents, students, and health care professionals have spoken out and taken action against this decision, rightfully concerned about the impact this measure will have on students.  

The Conservative Party and the renegade Bernier

BernierOn Aug. 23, former Tory MP Maxime Bernier delivered a prepared statement in Ottawa announcing his resignation from the Conservative Party of Canada and his intention to form a new party that “represents Conservative values”. In his statement, Bernier said his former party was “too intellectually and morally corrupt to be reformed,” and went on to denounce them for their support of corporate bailouts, retaliatory tariffs against the United States, “identity politics”, and supply management, among other things. Bernier also added that the election of Conservative leader Andrew Scheer as Prime Minister would be “a more disastrous form of the Liberal government”. As for the as-of-yet unnamed party, Bernier mentioned only that it will run in the 2019 federal election. The question on everyone’s lips is the same: what does this mean for Canadian politics?

Quebec elections 2018: Where is the voice of workers?

Candidates for Quebec general election 2018On Oct. 1, Quebec voters head to the polls. With the right-wing CAQ polling in first place, things are not looking good for the working class. Legault’s “change” will mark an acceleration of the program of gutting social services, attacking unions, and the dismantling of the “Quebec model” established during the Quiet Revolution. Meanwhile, there has been a resurgence of the class struggle this year with big strike votes and several key strikes. This begs the question: Where is the voice of the workers in this election?

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