Fight Back Against the G20!

The leaders of the world’s 20 richest nations are visiting Toronto in June, and they want your money. They want your job, your home, your education, your health care, your public transport, your social services, your pension, and your paycheque. They want to take anything that makes life even halfway bearable. They want all of these things to pay for the mess that they, and their capitalist buddies, created. But, people are not just going to sit and let them.

Quebec budget 2010: The capitalists declare war

The recent Quebec provincial budget represents a generalized attack against the working class and an attempt to use the crisis as an excuse to wipe out the historic social gains of the Quebec masses. The measures announced range from tuition increases to the abolition of free healthcare. What is needed is a response from the labour leaders; we cannot afford to allow these attacks against our standards of living.

2010 Ontario Budget: Liberals fire first shots in war against workers

The Ontario provincial budget that was recently tabled laid out a series of cuts, aimed mainly at public sector workers. However, the budget also makes clear that the Liberals are afraid of greater social unrest that may result from heavier attacks. Many of the worst provisions that had been speculated seem to have been put off to the future. In the end, pressures from the capitalists are going to force the provincial government to launch a full-on assault in order to restore the financial equilibrium of the province.

The Cultural (Counter) Revolution in Quebec

This past February, Raymond Bachand, Quebec's finance minister, announced that Quebec was in need of a "cultural revolution." The ministry released a report that calculated that Quebec has one of the most indebted economies in the industrialized world. Quebec's $285.6-billion debt is equal to 94.6% of the province's GDP; only Japan, Italy, Greece, and Iceland have a larger debt-to-GDP ratio than Quebec. This proposed "cultural revolution" is an attempt to prepare Quebec workers and students to accept cuts to social spending on a level unseen in Quebec history.

12,000 March Against the Quebec Budget: “The wealth exists! Take it from where it is!”

One day after Quebec finance minister Raymond Bachand tabled the 2010 budget, some 12,000 people gathered at Square Phillips in Montreal to show their opposition to the budget. At least 40 buses from all over Quebec, some from as far away as Gaspé, arrived at the square. This impressive show of strength, happened just two weeks after the massive 75,000 Common Front demonstration, is a sign of the militant mood amongst Quebec workers against the bosses’ planned cuts and attacks.

Montreal's bourgeois parties linked to the mafia, workers need their own party

Municipal elections were held across Quebec on 1st November 2009. The results in Montreal are a further proof of the crisis of the bourgeois parties which has already been exposed at the federal and provincial level. The elections were plagued by accusations of corruption and mafia ties amongst the two main parties, Union Montréal and Vision Montréal. Projet Montréal, a fledgling left party, made historic gains. What is needed now is for the party to transform itself into a labour party, winning over the workers by making reforms that benefit workers, such as free public transportation, their central slogan.

Harper and McGuinty slash childcare -- Fund public childcare now!

In lieu of International Women’s Day, it is nice to know that the Ontario provincial government has a vested interest in women’s issues. At the beginning of February, Dalton McGuinty’s government announced that $63.5 million would need to be cut from childcare services in Ontario. These cuts are part of McGuinty’s attacks on workers as he tries to balance Ontario’s provincial deficit.

Quebec Common Front: 75,000 workers take to the streets

On Saturday 20th March, 75,000 workers from all over Quebec filled the streets of Montreal to show their strength, 10 days before the end of the collective agreement for nearly half a million Quebec public and para-public sector workers. For the Charest government, the end of the contract couldn’t come at a worse time, since it is faced with a $4.7 billion deficit for this year’s budget.

Harper's 2010 Budget: Good for banks, bad for workers

After undemocratically shutting down Parliament for 2½ months, the federal Conservatives have released their 2010 budget. They said they needed the time to “recalibrate”; what they actually did was increase the transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich. On the one side, the budget contains $5-billion per year in tax giveaways to banks and corporations. On the other side, there are plans for program cuts, privatization, and attacks on public sector workers. This all comes at the same time as the Big-5 banks are reporting $5-billion profits in the 1st quarter.

The Vancouver Olympics: An expensive attack on democratic rights

This coming weekend sees the opening of the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver.  Despite the images of natural beauty and pleasant ‘middle class’ life that will be broadcast to the world, Vancouver is a troubled city and B.C. is a troubled province.  Billions are being spent for a party that most of us are not being invited to.  And, the federal Tories are using the Olympics to distract workers from the real ails that are assailing us.

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