The coming struggles in BC

With the combination of growing anger over the Olympic Games and rapidly increasing pressure from the economic crisis, workers, students, and youth could be facing massive struggles in the new year. Combined with a new provincial budget being introduced in March 2010 that will likely slash public spending, workers in many different unions will also be faced with a new round of collective bargaining. Caught between a rock and a hard place, working people may be forced to fight back in a massive way; indeed, a collision that could throw the entire province into struggle against the Liberal government seems likely for 2010.

The true face of Quebec's economic recovery

After the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, governments around the world have been quick to announce that the recession is over and that a recovery is on the horizon. Even though Quebec was not hit as hard as some other areas, workers there still have felt the squeeze.  After accumulating record deficits, the Quebec Liberals are looking to hammer Quebec workers and make them pay for the bosses' crisis.  The formation of a new Common Front is the first step toward a workers' fightback in Quebec.

Capitalist "recovery" prepares massive assault on workers -- Ontario workers fighting back

In the past year, the entire world has been thrown into convulsions. Almost overnight, the underpinnings of the capitalist system were thrown out the window. Governments around the world have thrown billions upon billions toward trying to prop up the system. Now that the bourgeoisie is talking about "recovery," it is the working class that will be made to pay. In Ontario, both the provincial government and their cohorts at the municipal level are threatening workers with mass service cuts, "Dalton Days," and layoffs. However, we are beginning to see leftward moves in the labour movement that can lead a workers' fightback against these attacks.

NDP Must Not Prop Up Conservatives

On September 1st, the Liberal party pulled a 180 degree turn. From propping up the Conservative government they promised to bring down Harper at the first opportunity. The NDP leadership’s recent noises, however, seem to imply they will vote to support a government that is willing to spend billions on corporate bailouts and the war in Afghanistan while unemployed workers have to wait two weeks to receive any support. Alternatively, the NDP leadership may be playing a very irresponsible game which will only breed confusion and cynicism amongst workers and youth.

Stop the business tax revolt in BC: Make the bosses pay!

A tax revolt is brewing in British Columbia but not the kind of tax revolt you are thinking, where the population decides they are not willing to pay taxes to a government that doesn’t represent them. No, this is a tax revolt of a different type: a tax revolt of the big corporations. These corporations leech their profits from the resources and hard work of the people of this province and now they have decided they aren’t even willing to pay their share to maintain the infrastructure necessary to do that. These parasites have shown in the past that they have no respect for the basic living standards of their own workers, let alone of the wider community. Now with their economic system in crisis, they are demanding even more.

IMT Quebec affiliates to Quebec solidaire

Quebec solidaire held its 4th congress in Sherbrooke the 19th, 20th and 21st of June. Members of the International Marxist Tendency braved the two-hour trip to take part in this democratic gathering. In a historic step forward for the IMT in Quebec, the tendency is now officially recognized as a collective within QS.

Canadian imperialism stands back and watches coup unfold in Honduras

The world is currently witnessing another reactionary coup d'etat in Latin America, unfortunately the latest in a long line of coups that have deposed popularly elected governments in the hemisphere. Governments around the world, including a half-hearted US government, said that they would not recognize Micheletti's regime and called for the return of President Zelaya. Canada, on the other hand, has stood almost alone on the international stage, going so far as to say that Zelaya should not return back to Honduras. This should not come as a huge shock for Canadians as the Canadian state has been pursuing an increasingly interventionist role in Latin American affairs for a while now.

NDP wins in Nova Scotia: Now on with the work!

On the night of 10th June, Darrell Dexter and the Nova Scotia NDP captured the Nova Scotia provincial election—the first time that the NDP had won a provincial government in the Atlantic provinces. While those in the mainstream media and the right wing of the party would credit Dexter’s “pragmatism” as the reason for his victory, the real cause lies in the ever worsening economy of Nova Scotia and the desire for change that is building in Atlantic Canada, and throughout the entire country.

NDP Loses BC Election -- Carole James must go!

Gordon Campbell, one of the most hated premiers in British Columbia’s history, has won a third term in office.  His government is surrounded by the BC Rail scandal.  He was actually caught and convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol in his first term.  His attacks against the public sector have repeatedly brought the province to the brink of a general strike.  He has frozen the minimum wage for eight years and sold off BC’s rivers to the highest bidder.  Under Campbell’s government, BC Ferries have slashed services and jacked up prices.  He closed 300 schools and did nothing while BC’s child poverty rate slipped to the worst in the country.  The economy is in free-fall and tens of thousands of workers have lost their jobs under his watch.  Clearly, Gordon Campbell cannot be given credit for his election victory.  No; the responsibility for this defeat lies squarely on the shoulders of the leadership of the BC NDP.

Whose sovereignty is it anyway?

Here, Joel Bergman of the La Riposte editorial board presents the view of the Quebec Marxists on the National question. He outlines that there is a huge difference between the “sovereignty” of the workers and the sovereignty of the bosses and the PQ leadership.

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