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BRITISH COLUMBIA: Election Day in British Columbia: NDP in trouble

Today is election-day in British Columbia and the BC New Democratic Party is trailing in the polls. After four years of right wing rule in British Columbia the province’s social services have been decimated. One third of the public sector has been laid off, hospitals and schools have been shut down and the minimum wage has been reduced by 20% for new workers. Gordon Campbell’s attacks have touched every sector of the working class, yet the NDP has failed to win the support of the majority of British Columbians. A series of compromises and betrayals from the leadership of the labour movement has led to a lull in the movement against the government. Only a year ago BC stood on the brink of a general strike, now all is quiet on the industrial front. This election should have been a cake walk for the NDP, but the drift to the right by the leadership has left workers uninspired. What a mess. (May, 2005)

Cellucci, Klein and the Question of Canadian Sovereignty

It’s no secret that Alberta Premier Ralph Klein is the mouth piece of US imperialism in Canada. This was particularly evident when the Tories opened their anti-Kyoto campaign in the name of their oil and gas industry friends. (May, 2003)

Alberta: Fight Back Against the Tories!

There are the rumblings of serious labour disputes all over the province of Alberta. The bitter 7 month long strike at the Shaw Conference centre late last year in Edmonton was a sign of things to come. The lines have been drawn. The Tories slashed wages and jobs in the infamous “Klein revolution” of the 1990’s, complete with downsizing, cut backs and wage rollbacks. The labour movement was caught completely off-guard. We were told that when the recession was over and the province was out of debt – wages and funding to social programs would be restored. This clearly didn’t happen. We just went through one of the biggest so-called booms ever– but even still profit levels were falling and the restoration of wages and funding didn’t take place. Now that we have hit the big brick wall of what could potentially be one of the biggest ‘recessions’, or financial collapses in human history, we see an all out assault by the Tories and their corporate friends against workers and students in this province. (May, 2003)

The Defeat of the Parti Québécois -An analysis of the 2003 Québec Election

The Québec election in April saw a dramatic about-face in government leadership. From the Parti Quebecois, advocates of separatism, control of the state was given to the Charest Liberals, the party most closely linked with the Canadian government and federalism. (May, 2003)

Mad Cow and the Crisis of Food Production

On December 23, 2003 the US government officially acknowledged the outbreak of BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) in a herd of cattle in the state of Washington.This is officially the first case of mad cow in the US, but is in reality the second case of an outbreak in the integrated Canadian and US cattle industry. The farming and cattle crisis is at root a reflection of the crisis of capitalism worldwide and a result of "globalization". (January, 2004)

Corruption Scandals rock Federal and BC Liberals

Paul Martin and Gordon Campbell aren't sleeping well these days. With elections on the horizon, both the Federal and BC Liberal Parties are down in the polls. Scandals have rocked all levels of government. From large sums of tax-money being given away to corporations, to drug money in BC, it seems that everyone has their fingers in dirty money. (March, 2004)

Ontario Liberal budget continues assault on workers

The Liberals in power in Ontario (Canada) have shown their real face, that of a rabidly anti-working class party out to defend the rich. When they came to power they promised all kinds of improvements for the workers, but once they had placed themselves firmly in office they did the opposite. Now the Ontario workers are ready to fight! (June, 2004)

2004 Canadian Federal Election - Canada is entering a new period of turmoil

The 2004 Canadian federal election is looking to be the closest race since the 1970s. The Liberals seem to be set to lose their majority, while on the left the NDP (the Canadian Labour Party) after leaning leftwards seems set to make gains. The mobilisation of the Canadian workers over the past period will find an expression in these elections. (June, 2004)

Take Back the Workers' Game! -- A Marxist answer to the NHL lockout

The owners of the 30 NHL teams have locked out professional hockey players, probably dooming the 2004/2005 NHL season. Although professional hockey is largely ignored in the United States, it is a welcome diversion for the Canadian working class who flock to bars and pubs in order to kill the long Canadian winter. However, the corporate nature of the game is quickly killing that joy. It is too easy to dismiss this dispute out of hand. As Marxists, we realize that professional sports are a continuation of the famous Roman practice of bread and circuses, but a socialist society cannot be devoid of amusement and entertainment. For better or for worse, hockey is something that Canadians are passionate about. Rather than ignoring it or hoping that it goes away, we must present a real workers’ alternative to the NHL lockout. (November, 2004)

Book Review: Canadian Bolsheviks: The early years of the Communist Party of Canada, by Ian Angus

It is with great happiness that we welcome the reprinting of Ian Angus' book Canadian Bolsheviks. First printed in 1981, this book details the birth, growth, and eventual Stalinist degeneration of the Communist Party of Canada covering the period from WWI to the mid 1930s. Angus provides an excellent antidote to both the Stalinist "official" history and to dry academic histories that see Marxism and Leninism as identical to Stalinism. Most importantly the book details the lessons learned by the early communists while building the most successful revolutionary party in Canada's history. In the words of Angus, "They have a lot to teach us." (January, 2005)