Election of Naheed Nenshi signals changing fortunes in Alberta politics

On the surface, Alberta can appear as a solid bastion of White Christian Conservatism with the Tories in complete control and the working class seemingly disinterested. The election of Naheed Nenshi, an Indo-Canadian Muslim and Harvard-educated intellectual, as the new mayor of Calgary has shown this idea to be false. The media reported Nenshi as being the first Muslim to hold the office of mayor in a major Canadian city; the fact that this has happened in Calgary makes it a bigger surprise to many.

Gordon Campbell resigns: Bye-bye Gordo!

On November 3, Gordon Campbell faced the inevitable and announced that he was stepping down as premier of British Columbia. After nearly a decade of relentless attacks on social programs, mass mobilizations, and strike actions, Mr. Campbell has played his final hand. At the end, his approval rating had fallen to single digit support. He leaves the province with the lowest minimum wage and the highest child poverty rate in the country.

For a true Quebec solidaire, fight for socialism!

Quebec solidaire has issued a call for platforms in the lead-up to the party’s congress. They propose discussing these platforms in a series of citizen circles. The two following documents have been submitted by the International Marxist Tendency (Quebec) , a recognized collective within QS. Fightback works in solidarity with IMT Quebec, and wish our comrades success in promoting a revolutionary internationalist perspective in Quebec.

Harper government wastes $16-billion on military jets

While workers are forced to prepare for the coming austerity agenda imposed by the world’s leading capitalist states—threatening to reverse reforms gained through struggle over the last half-century—the Harper Conservative government announced the purchase of 65 F-35 Joint Strike fighter planes, estimated to cost over $16-billion. This only highlights the priorities of the ruling class. Just as governments are demanding workers pay for the economic crisis, they find enough money to dump billions of dollars in the name of future imperialist adventures.

BC NDP Must Stop Tail Ending Right Wing

The upcoming introduction of the HST is bitterly opposed by British Columbians, and is a further attack on workers' worsening living conditions.  This should be the perfect opportunity for the BC NDP to provide leadership and a different way forward for the working class.  Instead, the BC NDP leadership lurches to the right and tailends the campaign of right-wing populists.

Toronto municipal elections: Reformists to blame for advance of the Right

It is unusual that a municipal election (even in Canada’s largest city) should make much news, but this year’s elections in Toronto are making waves for a specific reason. According to a number of polls, rabidly right-wing candidate Rob Ford—widely held to be a nut job, at best—may be poised to become the next mayor of Toronto. In a city that is described to be diverse and cosmopolitan, how can this be possible?

2010 New Brunswick provincial election: Opportunities and Challenges for NDP

New Brunswick is heading into a provincial election on 27th September after four years of aggressive attacks on workers by the ruling Liberal Party. Successive Liberal and Conservative governments, in seamless continuity, have rolled back the gains made by workers over the past half century. Both parties make promises to workers while in opposition, but instantly betray the working class once they get into power. As a result, New Brunswick workers are increasingly skeptical of the idea that governments are there to work for them and are sick and tired of the status quo. In the 2006 election, the NB NDP only won 5.1% of the vote; but with solid organizing efforts in this election, the NDP has the potential to win mass support if it were to offer a clear-headed analysis and solution to the problems workers face.

A sad end to the Quebec Common Front

On 24th June, it was announced that a “historic” agreement had been reached between the Quebec government and the recently formed Common Front of public sector unions, which represents nearly half a million workers in the province. The agreement that was reached threw out the demands that were democratically ratified by the trade union movement and accepted what is, for all intents and purposes, the very same counter-proposal offered by the Charest government at the beginning of negotiations. After years of imposed contracts that enforced degrading work conditions, obligatory overtime, and stagnating wages, the hope of a united opposition by the unions in Quebec against the government's austerity measures have been lost.

Toronto G20: The brutal face of capitalist reaction

The mood leading up to this weekend’s G20 summit and the protest against it became increasingly tense throughout the week. The police and the state spent plenty of time informing the public of its vast arsenal, troop numbers, facilities, and readiness to defend the fence—itself a graphic symbol of the growing class divide not only here in Canada, but around the world.

G20: The democratic limits of capitalism on display in Toronto

On June 2nd, the Ontario Liberal cabinet of Premier Dalton McGunity secretly passed, without any input from parliament and certainly no notice to the working people of Canada, sweeping expansions to the Public Works Act. The changes to the act give police forces sweeping new powers of search and arrest on a totally arbitrary basis. The public learned about these legislative changes only on the eve of the largest protest of the G20 summits.


[Note, this article was written Friday 25th June, before the events of Saturday 26th. Watch this space for a full report on the tumultous events of the 26th and Fightback's participation]

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