Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois joins Quebec solidaire : Opportunities and challenges

imageThe moment that everyone was waiting for has finally arrived: On Thursday, March 9th, Gabriel-Nadeau Dubois, the celebrated student leader from 2012, announced that he will be joining Quebec solidaire. He will be the candidate for the party in the riding of Gouin and also desires to become the male spokesperson for the party. He said he wants to get rid of the "political class" that has governed for 30 years and has "betrayed Quebec".

Wynne’s Legacy of Energy Poverty

Hydro RallyPublic outrage against soaring hydro rates continues to rise throughout Ontario. The shock of energy bills doubling or tripling from last summer hasn't worn off; hardworking families and individuals are still buried in anxiety and debt. Just this January, newspapers across Ontario covered Kathy Katula’s $1200 monthly hydro bill -- significantly larger than even her mortgage payment. The hardworking but overwhelmed rural Ontario mother lives in poverty induced by high energy costs despite making $50,000 a year, and hundreds of thousands of Ontarians share Kathy’s daily pains.

Marvellous Canadian launch of Trotsky’s “Stalin”

Stalin LaunchThe new and completed edition of Stalin, which Leon Trotsky was working on at the time of his death, was officially launched in Canada at a meeting in Toronto this past Thursday, February 16. The meeting was held at the University of Toronto before a packed room with some 70-80 in attendance and was hosted by Fightback, the Canadian section of the IMT.

Crisis and Austerity in Newfoundland & Labrador

dwight ball lied protest signNewfoundland and Labrador has entered into a dire economic crisis as oil prices have plunged over the past two years. This has led to a massive 30 per cent gap in government revenues in the province and created the deepest fiscal crisis of any province in Canada. The provincial Liberal government of Premier Dwight Ball has reacted to the revenue gap by instituting a 30 per cent cut in every government agency and department, including health and education.

Nova Scotia Teachers fight back against the Liberal government

nstu 300x256
The Nova Scotia Liberals came to power in 2013 defeating the provincial NDP and winning a majority government. Since then, Stephen McNeil’s Liberals have been carrying out an agenda of austerity cuts throughout the province.  McNeil has already targeted elders in nursing homes, artists in music and the film industry, among others, and now have turned their sights on teachers and the children of the Nova Scotian working class. After years of reducing education funding that is so desperately needed to operate schools at a safe and effective capacity, a stand-off has now emerged with Nova Scotia teachers. “No more!” the teachers are saying as they refuse to budge at the government’s attempts to impose a contract with deep concessions, which would have ramifications beyond the teachers themselves.  

The New Minimum Wage, is it enough?

raies minimum wage ontario 2017Ontario has recently raised the minimum wage. In a time when many Canadians live paycheque to paycheque, and when the federal Finance Minister tells us to get used to precarious work, the crucial question is: is this enough?

Young Workers Turn Backs on Trudeau and Reject Class Collaboration

young workers summit backs turnedThe class collaboration of the Canadian Labour Congress leadership was on full display recently, when Justin Trudeau was invited to the Young Workers Summit on Oct. 25. Many young workers in the room understandably took Trudeau’s presence as an insult, considering that he represents the status quo that is diametrically opposed to the interests of youth and workers across Canada. As Trudeau began to take questions, several delegates began to boo and challenged the Prime Minister for being a hypocrite and not keeping his election promises.

Montreal police spying scandal: democratic rights eroding under capitalism

arsenault 1It has recently come to light that Quebec police have been spying on journalists. At least six different journalists have had their phone calls and text messages monitored for years, in addition to their locations being tracked by GPS. This comes immediately on the heels of police seizing Journal de Montreal reporter Michael Nguyen's computer. These events have shocked many people and are just another example of how our democratic rights are being trampled on in Canada.

War is Peace: The Foreign Policy of Justin Trudeau

trudeau spys russiaSince July of this year, rumours have been circulating of a major Canadian Forces deployment in Africa. Those rumours have now been confirmed. As of late August, the Trudeau Liberals have pledged up to 600 troops in support of United Nations missions on the continent. This comes on the heels of an earlier commitment, made in late-June, to deploy 450 troops to Latvia in support of NATO missions in eastern Europe, as well as the addition in February of over 100 special forces to Canada’s mission in Iraq. In total, the Liberals have pledged to deploy more than 1000 soldiers across the globe in the short span of just seven months. This is a far cry from what was supposed to be a departure from the Harper era. In many ways, it is far worse.

The Real Reasons Behind the Latest TTC Crisis of Hot Subway Cars

ttc hot car crammed fullIt is currently estimated that roughly 25 percent of the subway cars on the Bloor-Danforth Line Two are 'hot cars', meaning that due to the failure of the vehicle's heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, passengers suffer from temperatures as high as 33°C while the cars are in service. Why are we in this hot mess? A look behind the curtain reveals that this is only the latest manifestation of the broader crisis within public transit as well as within the system as a whole.

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