Kenney, Ford, Legault: Stop the right wing in its tracks!

Legault and Ford with matching hockey jerseysLooking at recent electoral results in Canada and Quebec, it is not just in the Game of Thrones universe that winter has come. Following the election of Doug Ford’s Conservatives in Ontario in June last year, the United Conservative Party of Jason Kenney took power in Alberta this past April 17. In the Maritimes, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island also saw the Conservatives recently form minority governments. And Quebec is no different with the election of its home-grown conservatives, the CAQ, in the election last fall. At the federal level, the polls place the Conservatives and Andrew Scheer ahead of the federal Liberals with the elections just around the corner in October of this year

GM leaves behind 2,300 Oshawa workers, Dias caves

Dudes handshaking at Unifor eventOn May 8, GM and Unifor jointly announced the loss of 2,300 out of the 2,600 unionized jobs at the Oshawa Assembly Plant. After five months of negotiating, GM will not reverse its decision to end vehicle manufacturing at the plant by the end of 2019, promising only a $170 million investment after that. This is a slap in the face to 2,600 skilled unionized workers who produced billions in profits for the company over the years.

The rise of the Greens: what it means

PaulManly2Ignored for 36 years, Canada’s Greens may now have reason to celebrate. On May 6, Green Party candidate Paul Manly swept the by-election in Nanaimo, BC, placing 12 points ahead of the second place Tories. Manly now joins Green Party leader Elizabeth May in Ottawa, until now the sole Green MP since 2011.

Ford moves to privatize health care as thousands protest

Ontario Health Coalition On April 18, Bill 74 passed in the Ontario legislature. This bill will dissolve existing local health councils in favour of a central “super-agency”. This super-agency will consist of 15 board members, appointed by the Ford administration. These board members will have sweeping abilities to integrate or dissolve health-care services across the province, deciding whether they are delivered to patients by public or private providers. In other words, Doug Ford’s friends running this new agency will have the ability to implement massive privatization across the health-care system.

Ryerson students vote for student strike against Ford

Ryerson studentsOn April 23, students present at the annual general meeting of the Ryerson Student Union (RSU) unanimously voted to adopt a strike resolution (full text below) tabled by Socialist Fightback at Ryerson. After the last few months of unprecedented mobilizations by students, the overwhelming support for the strike resolution is further proof that there is an enormous movement brewing against the Ford government and its austerity agenda.

The Vancouver housing crisis: expropriate the parasites!

homelessnessDue to rampant property speculation, Vancouver is one of the most expensive cities in North America in which to live. Meanwhile, as stupendous profits are being made by parasitic landlord-speculators, workers are being forced deeper into debt, poverty, and financial turmoil. This illustrates a deep flaw within the capitalist system, and its inability to provide the bare necessities, such as housing.

Why Kenney won and how to fight him

Jason Kenney profile shotOn April 16, Alberta voters once again made history, by making the NDP the first single-term government in the province. The four improbable NDP years finally came to an end with the April 2019 election result.

In the last election, the NDP pulled off a miracle that sent a shockwave not only across the Prairies but also from coast to coast, rallying from fourth place to finish first in the span of just 28 days, ending a 44-year Progressive Conservative dynasty.

Bill 21 in Quebec: For a mass movement of civil disobedience!

Francois LegaultThe long-awaited bill on secularism was finally tabled in the national assembly in Quebec. It contains, as planned, a ban on the wearing of religious symbols for many state employees, particularly for teachers. The MNA responsible, Simon Jolin-Barrette, says that Bill 21 is the "logical continuation of the Quiet Revolution and the de-confessionalization of the Quebec school system." This statement is false from beginning to end.

The rise and fall of the Alberta NDP: Lessons for workers

rachel notley1April 16 is set to mark one of the most interesting and important elections in Alberta’s history. The strategy of the NDP in the election campaign so far is a personality-based campaign around the figure of Premier Rachel Notley, defending the status quo against the bigoted scandal ridden United Conservative Party (UCP). In spite of this, it looks the UCP are slated to win.

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