United Against Trump! Report on a successful town hall held in Toronto

16325945 10158158130100788 1971662822 oOver 100 people gathered on U.S. Inauguration Day for the United Against Trump Town Hall held at Ryerson University in Toronto. The event was hosted by a coalition of organizations led by Fightback. Others who supported the event included the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW), Justice for Migrant Workers (J4MW), the Canadian Federation of Students Ontario (CFS-O), the Canadian Union of Public Employees Ontario (CUPE) and the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP).

How to Fight for Free Education

labour day parade 1Thousands of students have been demonstrating against tuition fees across Canada. They are being mobilized by the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) under the banner of the “Fight the Fees” campaign. For many students, this could not have come at a better time.

No Two-Tier Contracts – Unions Must Not Sell-Out the Youth!

No Product No ConractThe conditions of young people are getting worse and worse. In the post-war period, the youth could expect to be better off than their parents. Unions, especially in the automobile and manufacturing sector, were at the forefront of winning improvements that were eventually generalized to the majority of workers. Parental leave, reliable hours, holidays, and pensions, were won and served to raise the bar generally. But since generation X, and now the millennial generation, conditions stagnated and then went into reverse. The recent signing of a contract with two-tier pensions at General Motors by the Unifor leadership represents a new sell-out of the youth and merely serves to solidify this generational double standard.

Capitalism is Crushing the Youth – Organize a Socialist Club to Fight Back!

fightback members pose toronto labour day 2016People around the world are questioning and challenging capitalism and the set-up of our society, and nobody is more critical of the status quo than the youth. Does this come as a surprise to anybody given the world we live in today?

Few economic opportunities, constant economic instability and declining living standards affect more and more of the population, with young workers and university graduates at the bottom of the pile. A tiny handful in each society live lavishly with such obscene wealth that the kings and pharaohs of past are put to shame.

Bank of Canada governor’s advice to unemployed youth? “Work for free”

The bankruptcy of the capitalist system was recently laid bare by Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz’s advice to unemployed youth who continue to struggle to find jobs in the stagnant economy. Rather than be discouraged, Poloz suggested that young workers “might as well go out and do something for free” until the economy improves. Youth and working people were rightfully insulted by his crass remark, which suggested they should not only bear the brunt of the bosses’ economic crisis, but be prepared to give up their labour for nothing! 


The possibilities of organizing at the high schools

To the casual observer, it may seem that organizing high school students is too difficult of a task. High school students are often portrayed as being apathetic and unaware of broader social issues. However, the experience of the author, a high school student in Toronto, shows that this is not the case. Just because high school students have yet to organize themselves does not mean that they are incapable of doing so.

Unpaid internships: A modern form of slavery

As a generation of young students and workers look to enter an uncertain labour market, many are promised that internships are the answer to securing employment after graduation. Thousands of young people are pushed into accepting unpaid internships, convinced that this is the only way to gain the valuable work experience they need to advance in their field. However, the reality is that many of them are forced into long hours of doing menial tasks of little value to their education. In some cases this amounts to unpaid internships being used by employers to gain free labour with the promise of future careers that fail to materialize.

Youth under attack — Join the fight against capitalism!

As the 2013-2014 school year begins, youth across Canada will once again have to face the crisis facing them under capitalism. Tuition fees continue to rise across the country, making post-secondary education increasingly inaccessible to a growing number of youth. Moreover, the lack of stable well-paying jobs means that students are graduating with a record level of debt that makes a decent future seem like a pipe dream.

The struggle against police brutality — The police execution of Sammy Yatim

The killing of Sammy Yatim by the Toronto Police Services has created an outpouring of grief, anger and indignity at police conduct. Within just days of the killing over one thousands gathered in downtown Toronto to protest the police action. This protest included the family and friends of Yatim, but also many who were attending their first protest.  Many of those who attended identified their own experiences of harassment and violence at the hands of police with the killing of Yatim.

Toronto police murder Sammy Yatim: The brutal face of the capitalist state

The brutal murder of 18-year-old Sammy Yatim, a Syrian youth living in Toronto, by Toronto Police Services has left people across Toronto outraged. Sammy’s death is only the latest example of the sheer criminal violence perpetuated by the state apparatus on the most oppressed sectors of society.

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