Kollontai, Zetkin, and Luxemburg: Marxists and the emancipation of women

Luxemburg, Zetkin, and KollontaiThe last few years have seen a revival of the fight against the oppression of women on an international scale. Movements for the right to abortion in Ireland, Argentina and Poland; the global women’s march against Trump; and the feminist strike in Spain: a new generation is entering the political arena to fight against the inequalities and violence women still face. 

Socialist Fightback Students celebrates International Women's Day across the country

Women poses with Fightback journal during International Working Women's Day march

Once again this year, Socialist Fightback Students chapters enthusiastically celebrated International Women’s Day in several cities and drew the link between the fight for women’s emancipation and the need to overthrow capitalism. We held four public events attended by close to 140 people in three cities, where we discussed the origins of women’s oppression, the socialist roots of International Women’s Day, and the most effective way to fight oppression and achieve liberation. The success of our various events shows how more and more students, workers and youth are interested in class struggle methods to fight women’s oppression in society.

Fight Women’s Oppression, Fight Capitalism

All over the world the oppression of women is on the agenda. Today, International Women’s Day, a strike has been called in several countries and demonstrations, marches and meetings are taking place in many more.

“Me too”: The pervasiveness of sexual violence against women under capitalism

#MeTooOver the past month over 50 women and counting have come forward with allegations of sexual assault and harassment by movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. An investigation published by the New York Times at the beginning of October revealed that the co-founder of production company Miramax and well-known film producer has a long history of using his position of influence in the industry to get away with sexual harassment and assault.

Fightback Mobilizes for International Women’s Day


The fight against the oppression of women has always occupied a significant place in the international socialist movement. In fact, International Working Women’s Day (IWD) was founded by the socialist Second International in 1910 in Copenhagen. This past International Women’s Day marked the 100th anniversary of demonstrations led by striking women textile workers on IWD in Petrograd, which sparked the Russian Revolution of 1917. Fightback chapters and Socialist Fightback student clubs across the country held a series of events and interventions to celebrate the socialist roots of IWD, discuss the lessons of the Russian Revolution and connect the struggle for the emancipation of women with the need to overthrow capitalism.

Women Before, During and After the Russian Revolution

emancipatin of women coverThe history of Bolshevism from the very early days right up to the Russian revolution contains a wealth of lessons on how it is the class struggle that provides the final answer to the women’s question. In this article Marie Frederiksen looks at the approach of the Bolshevik Party to the women’s question from its early days, right through to the revolution and after taking power.

100 Years Ago, Women Sparked the Russian Revolution

iwd peak fbEvery year on March 8th, International Women’s Day is celebrated all over the world. Today, it has become what is essentially a day to raise awareness about the oppression of women. This year, it has particular significance because it is also the anniversary of the beginning of the Russian Revolution of 1917. Most people are not aware of the fact that on March 8th 1917 it was actually women who started the events that created the revolution. This began a revolutionary process that brought the working class to power, allowing for spectacular advancements for women.

The Struggle Against Sexual Assault & the Ghomeshi Trial

Ghomeshi TrialThe high-profile trial of former CBC radio host Jian Ghomeshi has made it glaringly clear that the capitalist criminal justice system fails survivors of sexual violence. In March, Ghomeshi was found “not guilty” for one charge of choking to overcome resistance and four charges of sexual assault related to three women. Throughout the trial the three women complainants were aggressively cross-examined and scrutinized as if they themselves had committed a crime, instead of their celebrity abuser.

Women’s Emancipation: Hillary Clinton vs The Class Struggle

hillary clinton at homeIn the current campaign to receive the Democratic Party’s nomination for president, Hillary Clinton has tried to portray herself as a defender of women’s rights, appealing to “sisterhood” and the possibility of becoming the first female president in order to galvanize support. While there is certainly a layer who views her as the most progressive candidate because of her gender, many young women and men in the U.S. can see right through the smoke and mirrors, and recognize Clinton as a member of the increasingly hated establishment.

Changes to Canada’s prostitution laws put sex workers at further risk

Sex workers protesting in front of the Supreme Court

A year ago, the Supreme Court delivered a landmark decision that struck down Canada’s antiquated prostitution laws for endangering sex workers far above “the aims of the law”. It is with a cruel irony that the Conservatives’ new prostitution laws came into effect on the 25th anniversary of the 1989 École Polytechnique massacre, particularly as the new laws will only put sex workers (especially women) at further risk of violence and unsafe conditions.

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